Accepting the Flow without the Hissie Fit


I had an experience yesterday that left me shaking my head in awe at the wonder of the universe. I recently started working on a proposal for my second book, a project that I find rather daunting. I had spent much of the day before toiling over how to best present the overview for the book. I knew at the time that it felt like I was forcing ideas, yet I was more focused on making progress than I was paying attention to what was not flowing naturally. So by the end of the day I had pushed three pages to the surface. I wasn’t thrilled about my work, yet I figured I could clean it up with some good word-smithing when I was more in the mood. It had been a hard day of work and I was thrilled to have that portion of the proposal pretty much behind me.

The next morning I turned my computer on and opened the file to continue on with the proposal. “Oh my God!” I screamed from my home office. My partner, Dean, thought I was responding to a piece of horrific world news, but instead I was shouting my disbelief that all my hard work was gone. The file on my computer contained only the first couple of paragraphs I had started the week before. So for the next hour, in between hissie fits about my bad luck, I searched feverishly to uncover a file that held my work. When I exhausted all the ways I knew to look for files, I told Dean that I was giving up. When he suggested that I make a call to my computer consultant, I got in touch with what I knew was really going on. I had been led to ditch my first effort because it wasn’t good enough. It hadn’t come from my heart.

I know that there are skeptics out there who believe that sometimes, maybe even most of the time, that things happen by chance. My inner being knows that losing this file was not an event of chance. You see, I very rarely lose files. And when I do, I know my way around a computer well enough to be able to recover them. This time the file was nowhere to be found. I searched the hard drive, the hidden files and the temporary files. The manner in which it had completely vanished still has me shaking my head.

My conclusion? I believe the universe was telling me that the way I had presented my book in the first effort was not representative of what I am proposing to bring to the world. So I started all over again, this time speaking from my heart. And this time, my proposal is in total alignment with my book. This experience has served as yet another example of how the universe is always supporting me for my higher good. I just wish I could have embraced this idea without the hissie fits. Maybe next time…

How about you?  What ugly thing have you encountered that just might ring with purpose?

Recipe for Calm

I was having dinner the other night at a friend’s house who is struggling to break free from a very stressful job that she hates. Four of us were sitting around the table when I noticed a plaque sitting on the window sill. It spelled the word, “calm”, both horizontally and vertically. I’d never seen this word revered in such a way. And it got me thinking. The first time someone told me that I was calm, I didn’t know what to think. It seemed like such an odd characteristic to point out and it made me feel a bit weird.I’ve come to recognize that I often feel weird when I talk about the ways in which I approach life. I feel weird because they are not the norm, and I suppose that some of my beliefs are borderline “out there”. But they work for me. I am calm nearly all of the time because of my beliefs. So if the majority of the norm is not calm, might that suggest that there is room for some new beliefs?

Here is my recipe for calm. Try experimenting with the ingredients and see what happens:

  1. There are only two things that really matter: 1) Expressing love towards all living things; and 2) Showing up for your purpose. Everything else is not worth getting upset over.
  2. Whatever the universe is dishing out to you is for your greater good.
  3. Getting upset over what does or does not happen is not the only way to express that you care. Staying calm expresses that you trust that what is happening is for your greater good, which is more important than the event at hand.
  4. Ask for guidance and you will be shown. The answers may come from anywhere, not just inside your head.
  5. Everything that happens is meant to tell you something. Don’t dismiss anything as coincidental.
  6. Your experience of life is all in your mind. You choose your reality by how you choose to think.

Thanks for visiting. Here’s to our collective sense of peace.


Susan Hanshaw
Sanctuary for Change

The Deeper Secret to Joy and Abundance

I love the fact that we are evolving into a society that understands that our minds have great influence over what we create in our lives. We’re learning about things like the power of positive thinking, creative visualization and the law of attraction. Yet it seems that sometimes when we employ all of these wonderful metaphysical methods, we still remain unable to make our vision a reality. Why? I’ve had my own theories about this for awhile, and like much of what I write about here, my understandings continue to sharpen through my own awakening. I came across something the other day that helped me to crystallize a belief that I had come to on my own. An interesting thing to note here is how serendipity played a role in my discovery.

I noticed that a new link to this blog was bringing traffic from an Italian site about positive visualization: Of course I was curious to find out what had been written and by who, so I clicked on the link and did the best I could to translate the linked article and the author’s bio. It was here that I was led to learn about the works of Jose Silva and the Silva Mind System. Now, I must put a disclaimer here that I have not read about Jose Silva or the Silva Mind System at any depth so I can’t stand behind the work, yet one point that I read really resonated with me as a valuable principle that should be promoted in concert with the law of attraction:

“Many self-improvement programs tell you that by tapping into your mind you can have ‘anything you desire’.

I’m afraid this is not true.

Silva’s research has shown that you can have anything you want – IF and ONLY IF – it is part of your soul’s plan for you.”

I use my instincts to help me judge what I believe to be truths, and this concept here makes a lot of sense without any proof in the pudding. This supports an “aha” I had when I was painfully trying to cut myself loose from the “security” of my corporate job a couple of years ago. I told myself that it just didn’t make sense that the universe would take better care of me if I stayed clinging to a job that I no longer cared about rather than pursuing the path I felt calling me.

There’s a very big, yet very simple lesson here that I feel like yelling from the rooftops because it is so vastly ignored. Achieving great joy and abundance is not about thinking what will make you happy. It’s about tuning in to your heart and showing up for the purpose of why you are here. If you truly believe that life has a purpose, then there is no fear to be had when you are holding up your end of the bargain.

Thanks for visiting. Let me know if there is any way that I can support you on your path to purpose.

With light,


Susan Hanshaw
Sanctuary for Change

Are You Programmed for the Life You Want?

I had what felt like a mystical experience while exercising on the elliptical machine at the gym yesterday. There I was, thinking about life with my ears connected to my iPod when the lyrics from an old favorite hit me in a way I’d never experienced before. It was Earth, Wind & Fire‘s Fantasy. I was so moved that I repeated the song over and over again, embracing the words and visualizing what it would be like if the scene in my mind could be given a life.

For me this scene is a vision of people coming together to support one another to create a life that is fired by love, passion and purpose. As I visualize this, I feel a pulsating energy that connects everyone in the understanding that there is no limit to what we can create if we believe in our power and put our minds and bodies to work on it. It’s an energy of collective support where we guide each other in the reaching for our stars, forever reminding one another that you can do it.

I don’t expect my dreams to come true overnight, but I recognize their growth as I feed them. I also recognize how the support that I get from others keeps me reaching towards creating the life I dream about. And in reaching I am creating it. It seems so simple, really. So am I crazy to suggest that if we all supported each other to keep reaching, we could transform this world to fantasy-like? Who says our expectations of life must be mediocre?

Thanks to Maurice White, Eddie Delbarrio, and Verdine White for penning these lyrics which have set a fire to my heart, and to the inspiration from Clyde of Feeling Good that there was gold to be found in our favorite songs.

Keep on reaching. You can do it. To our together creation of this world,


Susan Hanshaw
Sanctuary for Change





Every man has a place, in his heart there’s a space,
And the world can’t erase his fantasies.
Take a ride in the sky, on our ship fantasii
All your dreams will come true, right away.

And we will live together, until the twelfth of never
Our voices will ring forever, as one.

Every thought is a dream, rushing by in a stream,
Bringing life to our kingdom of doing.
Take a ride in the sky, on our ship fantasii
All your dreams will come true, miles away.

Our voices will ring together until the twelfth of never,
We all, will live forever, as one.

Come see victory, in the land called fantasy
Loving life, a new decree,
Bring your mind to everlasting liberty.

Our minds will explore together, old worlds, we conquer, forever
We then, will expand love together, as one.

Come to see, victory in a land called fantasy,
Loving life, for you and me, to behold, to your soul is ecstasy.
You will find, other kind, that has been in search for you,
Many lives has brought you to
Recognize its your life, now in review.
And as you stay for the play, fantasy, has in store for you,
A glowing light will see you through.

It’s your day, shining day, all your dreams come true.
As you glide, in your stride with the wind, as you fly away
Give a smile, from your lips, and say
I am free, yes I’m free, now I’m on my way.

Visualizing Your Ideal Work Life

I didn’t realize just how fuzzy my vision for my ideal work life was until I sat down to create a clearer picture. I now hold that picture in my mind and it helps me to be clear on where I need to invest my time and energy to take steps closer to making this vision my reality. If you are serious about wanting to make your work life better in some way, then give yourself the gift of making a commitment to the process below.

Set aside some quiet time to sit in a comfortable position with a journal. Think about what you want to create with crystal clarity. If it is a new career or starting your own business, for example, what does your workplace look like? How is it decorated? What is the mood? How would you describe its location? Imagine yourself driving (or walking) up to the building and into the front door. What does it feel like to be inside the building? Imagine the activity of your workplace. Do you have clients coming in and out or do you work heavily on your own? What is your work schedule? What are you wearing to work? Do you travel? Where to and how? What kinds of clients do you have? What do they look like? What does relating with them feel like? What are the exact services that you provide? How are your clients helped by you? How often do they see you? How do you feel when you are working? What does it feel like to leave your workplace at the end of each day? What are you known for? What provides you with the most satisfaction? Think through all the details so that you can see this image in your mind as clearly as you can see your current reality. Then write a description of everything you see and imagine in your journal so clearly that someone else who read it would have the same clarity.

You have now created your vision. Take your vision and engrave it as a picture in your mind. This is not simply an exercise to do once and let go of. It is one to revisit in your mind’s eye as frequently as possible. By revisiting your vision, you remind yourself constantly of what you want to accomplish. This will help you to make decisions about where you need to invest your time and what action steps will take you closer. This vision will be your ongoing compass that will chart you in the right direction. Can you see how the more vividly you can see your vision the more easily you will enable your life to become it?

Thank you for visiting. I’m wishing you the richest of journeys!


Susan Hanshaw

An Invitation that Will Change Your Life

What if you knew you had the power to create whatever reality you wanted and were given fail-safe instructions on how to go about it?  Would you do it?  Trick question?  No.  But think about it for a moment.

If you’ve found your way to this blog, chances are you’ve heard all about The Secret and the Law of Attraction.  Like me, then, you’ve been taught that we create our lives through our minds.  By thinking about what we want and visualizing it as our reality, we express our God-given role as  creators.  That is, if we believe we have this power and we actually employ it.  My guess is that this is where most of us fall down.  At least I do.  Not always, but much of the time.  I want to get better about engaging my power because I know that it works.  I’ve seen it.

I look back at a large account I once landed when everyone else on the team didn’t think we had a chance in hell.  I prepared and practiced in my mind a killer presentation that was fired with faith.  Then I look at other things I’ve manifested through visualization even though my faith more resembled blind hope.  But it worked anyway.  I’m beginning to build the career I’ve always dreamed about and I have a wonderful partner both in love and business.  Yet still I remain a lazy visualizer.

It doesn’t really matter why I expend more energy trying to fit into my jeans than I do practicing the power of visualization.  It’s enough to recognize it so that I can commit to changing it.  So I am beginning today.  And your presence here is going to help me.  I’m going to start each blog day off by calling attention to this power we have by exercising it a bit.  I invite you to join me in your own process.  So let’s start right now.

Think about a relationship that you wish to attract, maintain or improve.  Take a moment to visualize what this person looks like.  Imagine them walking through the door of your home early one evening.  Imagine what is expressed verbally and physically.  Think about how it feels to engage with this person and stand close to them.  Imagine the evening unfolding.  What does the energy between you feel like?  How are you spending your time together?  What are you talking about?  What is the tone?  Once you have a clear vision of what it looks and feels like to spend an evening with this person, allow your mind to imagine glimpses of other times with him or her.  What kinds of things do you do together?  How do you connect?  How do you feel? Create enough of these pictures in your mind so as to have captured random moments that are like photographs in an album that is a tribute to your relationship.  Make a point to add more snapshots in your mind as you think about it throughout the day.

Thank you for joining me as we experiment together with the power we have to create what we want in our lives.  I’d love for you to comment on your experiences so that together we can inspire each other!

Susan Hanshaw

Are You Doing What You Came Here to Do?

(video length: 34 seconds)

Who are you really? What are you here to do?

How often do you think about these questions? There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about them. Yet it wasn’t always this way. Up until a couple of years ago, I barely thought about them at all. I had a career that kept me so busy that I could barely find time to pay my bills, let alone think about esoteric questions like the meaning of my life. Then one day a trusted friend arrived in town and while we were hiking I began to tell her how miserable I was in my job. I didn’t realize until I started talking just how deeply I had buried my pain. That day was the beginning to the end of that career.

I was having dinner the other night with another friend I hadn’t seen in over four months. About an hour into our time together she looked at me and told me how different I am than just a year ago. She told me how confident I seemed. I was surprised by this. I had just been totally honest with her about the fact that my business was not thriving nearly as much as hers was. I looked back at her and said that perhaps what she was picking up on was my strong faith. She shook her head and told me that she thought it was something else and then added that I seemed so comfortable in my own skin. The next answer I gave her resonated with both of us. I told her that I feel like I’m now doing what I came here to do. It hurt me to see the pain that my words produced in her eyes as she immediately told me that she hadn’t yet gotten there. We then talked a bit about her passions and how she knows what her heart wants to do. Being busy gets in her way, though. I understand. I’ve been there myself. Yet why is it that we often have to hit rock bottom before we give ourselves permission to explore a better way of living?

I invite you to take on this mantra, “I am here for a reason.” You know what that reason is. Well, maybe not your intellectual self, but your soul self does. And you can learn to understand the voice of your soul if you give yourself a chance to. We all have the capability to know who we really are. It’s just a matter of how much focus we give it. It’s not any different than learning a foreign language. We do so through commitment, study and practice. Yet before we sit down to do the work, we almost always need something to motivate us. We need something that will keep us inspired through what may be a lengthy process.

In tomorrow’s article I will give you some tips on things you can do to get in touch with who you are and what you are here to do. Today I want to leave you with the benefits I’ve received by striving to live in alignment with my real self. I hope you will find inspiration in what I share to commit to this practice yourself.

By living in alignment with my true self, I:

  • have faith that all the opportunities I need will present themselves because I am doing what I came here to do.
  • wake up each morning with a strong sense of purpose and zest for life.
  • live with peaceful assurance that if I die tomorrow, I will hold no regrets.
  • embrace with wonder the perfection of my life as it has prepared me for my real life’s work.
  • experience a constant feeling of gratitude to be able to do work that makes my heart sing.

Thank you for visiting. Please send me an email if I can answer any questions you might have.

Have a great day.

Susan Hanshaw

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Joy: It’s Your Human Right

I’ve come to believe that one of the biggest challenges we must overcome is our ability to believe deep down that we deserve a life full of joy. We need to believe that a sense of purpose and passion is our human right. We need to give ourselves permission to create lives that set our hearts on fire. Somewhere along the line many of us bought into the belief that we should expect our life to be simply average.

In my work I frequently see a chronic symptom of disconnect between our hearts and the lives we create. We’ve been conditioned to be driven by money, not love; and security, not passion.  Consequently, many of us have buried our truest yearnings so deeply that we can no longer feel them.

Regardless of where you are on the joy scale, each day brings a new opportunity for its expression. What better way to start your day than by consciously asking what would bring you great joy and then focusing on that in some way? If there are some steps you need to take to receive that joy, then make a commitment to make even the tiniest of step. If you’re not in tune with what will bring you joy, then trust that this understanding will come to you through focusing on it.

Remember that joy is not a selfish act. Consider it instead your human responsibility, one which honors creation by claiming the abundance of joy and love that is available to each and every one of us.  What are you serving by being a martyr to mediocrity?  Wouldn’t it be better to be a model for joy?

Thank you for visiting.  May your mind be a magnet for abundance.

Susan Hanshaw

4th of July: Celebrate Freedom for Your Mind

I am writing this on the eve of the July 4th holiday, the day that our country has been celebrating its independence for the past 231 years.  As I’ve gone about my business for the past couple of days, I have sensed a lightness of energy all around me.  It’s a major holiday week in the summer, a time to celebrate and put the stresses of daily life aside.  Life seems carefree and fun.  Why can’t it be like this always, you might wonder.  The truth is that it can be. 

The thoughts that we tend to form about not having enough or not being enough are purely ideas in our minds.  It’s a belief system that is based on the idea that we are separated from the source of life.  This is a belief system that fosters fear and worry.  Imagine instead a belief system where you were assured that you had nothing to worry about.  This is based on ideas that you can have or be anything you can see possible in your mind because you know that you are connected to the source which created all of life.

Every day can feel like a holiday if you free your mind of worry and fear.  You can create a life you’ve dreamed about if only you set your mind to it and get to work.  Sure, it’s easy to come up with excuses about why you don’t, but the reality is that it is possible.  You just need to get out of your own way and not settle for anything less.  Remember, you’re in charge of your life.  The clock is ticking.  If your life doesn’t feel like a holiday a good part of the time, ask yourself what you can do about it.  Ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Thanks for visiting.  Make it an amazing holiday that lingers on.

Susan Hanshaw

Tips for Maintaining Positive Energy

(video length: 49 seconds)

In my article, Creative Energy in Motion, I talk about the significant power of positive thoughts in helping you to manifest whatever it is that you desire. I received an excellent question about this idea which reminded me of just how powerful this principle is. It is such an important component in the manifestation process that I wanted to devote more space to it here. The question—

“How do I maintain a constant positive thought process without letting the outside world interfere with my inner being?”

Positive thinking really can become a habit if you work on it. It just takes practice. There are many things you can do to practice:

  1. Begin every day with some kind of practice that reminds you that you are a creative being with a creative process that takes place in your mind. Make a habit several times throughout the day to remind yourself by bringing this idea to your awareness.
  2. Be aware of your thoughts and the control that you have over them. If you catch yourself thinking negatively, stop the thought and replace it with a positive one.
  3. Approach your world from a place of gratitude. Focus as much as possible on all the things you have to be grateful about. It’s impossible to experience a negative thought while you are dwelling in gratitude.
  4. Develop a strong faith in the good of the Universe. Expect that all your needs will be met and that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
  5. Think of your mind as a sacred place and protect it. Don’t allow yourself to participate in negative energy. Claim your power to change or remove yourself from negative environments.
  6. Look for beauty in everything you encounter.
  7. Think of your experience of life like starring in a movie that takes place in your mind. If you want to experience happiness, think happy thoughts. If you want to be miserable, fill your mind with negative thoughts.

Remember that you don’t have to put up with the negative thoughts that may seem to naturally dart through your mind. They may continue to show up uninvited, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them in the door to visit.

Thank you for visiting. Here’s to an amazing journey!

Susan Hanshaw

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