allowing the flow

I’ve recently created a habit where I take a few minutes each morning to ask for guidance on what specifically I am to do for the day to fulfill my purpose.  I ask the question and then I sit and wait for the answers to come.  The information usually comes in the form of a voice that I feel deep inside of me.  It has taken some time for me to first believe that I have an inner voice and then to grow to give it credibility.  Yet I’m totally on board now.  I am a true believer.  Some people call this process meditation.  Others, prayer.  I think of it as tuning in to the wisdom of the universe and the role I play in it.

This morning I sat with my focus on connecting with God.  There’s usually a common general theme that comes up when I ask for this guidance.  Yet this morning I felt like I was shaken to deliver a message that was very specific.  It felt like God was asking me to tell you how much you are loved.  I hope you think about what this means.  It means that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.  Life is as good as you will allow it to be.  So open your heart and let the love and riches flow.  Remember it’s a choice.

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