the faith to follow your heart

“Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.”
           — Kahlil Gibran

I left my well-paying corporate job just shy of two years ago to follow my heart.  When I share my story I often receive comments back about the courage it took to take such a leap.  I won’t deny that courage wasn’t involved.  Yet what it really was and continues to be is a leap of faith that my heart is leading me where it knows I am supposed to go.  And I follow it because I trust that my heart is wiser than my mind.  I believe it knows the real role I am supposed to play in our world.  And I believe that if I am doing what I am really here to do, the universe will take care of me just fine.

You see, when we show up for the role we are really here to play, we then become in true alignment with God’s intention for us.  Wouldn’t it make sense then that everything we need to be successful in this role will somehow find its way to us through God?  Isn’t this what is meant by the statement that everything that we will ever need was given to us when we were created?

The first personal growth workshop that I taught included an exercise which asked the students to share the unexpected gifts that had come their way throughout the course of life.  I assumed that each person would produce a list as abundant as my own.  I was shocked when a handful of the participants shared that they felt that life had been much of a struggle to get from here to there.  What an eye-opener that was for me.  My instinct quickly told me that because I have always been one to expect that I would be well taken care of, that was my experience.  I attracted my good fortune through my thinking.

So here I am in year two without my cherished paycheck.  Truth be told, I’m not where I’d like to be financially yet.  Do I ever experience days where I focus on fear or lack, you might ask?  Yes, I have those days.  Yet luckily they are quite rare.  For these days when I get up in the morning, I pay close attention to that voice inside that feels like my heart giving me direction and I surrender to it.  My heart is now the boss.

Yesterday I awoke with a strong desire to do some serious research on what kind of equipment I would need to add video to my blog here.  My boyfriend sat down with me and together we gave ourselves an education in digital camcorders.  On his way home he stopped at an electronics store to discover the model we’d been looking at on sale and he snagged it for me.  So stayed tuned because within a week I expect to deliver my messages of hope and inspiration with my voice and face as well as my fingertips.

I have no idea where this will take me.  It just feels like the right next step.  And that is what following your heart is all about.  It’s putting one foot in front of the other, trusting without proof that where you are being led is where you are supposed to land, knowing that you are always in good hands.

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