claiming abundance

I am writing this on the first day of spring.  This vernal equinox marks the time of new life.  In many traditions it is the beginning of a new year.  When I was living in New Hampshire the first day of spring was a major big deal.  It was a sign that there was light at the end of the tunnel; that the snow and cold would not be hanging around too much longer.  The weather was given official permission to start getting warmer.  Yet as I’ve moved back to my native California, the first day of spring is just another day.  It’s easy to forget what other realities are possible when you take the life you have for granted.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.  And perhaps like me, you’ve nodded your head in agreement with this idea before immediately getting back to the business of life.  Our human life, that is.  I believe we all know that our human perspective is what creates all our problems in life.  Yet why is it that it tends to be the side that we always focus on, the identity that we constantly attach ourselves to?  Why is it that we choose to see ourselves as too this or not enough this instead of the amazing powerful light that we are?

It’s spring now.  Why not let your light be exposed more brightly? 

If you are wondering how to do this, first start by remembering who you are.  Rather than thinking of yourself as the body that goes to your job, drives your car, wears your clothes, and talks on your cell phone, imagine the essence of you as a bright light.  As you look around, consider everyone you see as beings of light.  In doing so, you bring your perspective back to truth.  We are all equal beings of light.

Being equal means that we have equal access to abundance.  What Oprah, Donald Trump and Bill Gates have access to is the same substance as you and I.  The only difference is in how we choose to claim our abundance.  We make those claims in our minds through our thoughts and beliefs.

I catch myself cutting off my abundance of experiencing love when I tell my boyfriend I am too busy to see him, or my financial prosperity when I don’t make the phone calls to promote my programs.  And most of the time when I cut myself off like this it is because I’m telling myself that I am not good enough to be deeply loved or worthy enough to be paid for living my dream.  Pretty pathetic, isn’t it?  Yet when I am spiritually awake I remember that I am a creation of the perfect loving light that created all of us.  I remember that I was created from abundance.  It surrounds me and flows through me.  I just need to get out of my own way and stop clogging its flow.  I’m going to try to make that my loud mantra for spring.  How about you?

Here’s to spring—to new life and new beginnings.  Start shining that bright light of yours.

stamp out fear

What if you were to believe that you were given everything that you would ever possibly need when you were created? You may not have everything at your immediate fingertips, yet what if you knew that you simply had to trust that you will receive what you need at the right time?  Shouldn’t that abolish all your thoughts of fear, lack and doubt?  After all, what would you have to worry about if you knew you have everything you need?  You could stop worrying about a lack of this or that and just experience the flow of life.  Wouldn’t that be something? 

The truth is that you do have the opportunity to believe this.  It is your choice to believe whatever you want.  Among the billions of ideas out there for you to believe lies one that says that you will always be taken care of as you believe you will.  If you believe you will be a millionaire, you probably will.  If you believe you are doomed to live in poverty, that will likely be the reality you experience.  So much in life is about our perception.  And there’s more good news in that because we get to choose what we wish to perceive.

If there is something on your mind right now that is causing you discomfort, pain or fear, try letting go of it for a moment while you remind yourself of the loving energy that created you.  That is the same energy that flows through you constantly.  If this energy can create the world, it can very well take care of whatever is on your mind.  I know that this kind of trust doesn’t often happen overnight, so try practicing one day at a time.  Remind yourself that you are in good hands.  The worst thing you have to fear is your own mind. 

inheriting the power of creation

“You are a miracle, capable of creating in the likeness of your Creator.” — A Course in Miracles

Might this one statement sound so grandiose that it comes across as unbelievable? What does it mean that we are capable of creating in the likeness of our Creator? And where might that capability come from? With such a collective consciousness fired up on the law of attraction these days, it seems only right to explore this idea from a place of depth. We might even ask ourselves if perhaps the law and the quote from A Course in Miracles might be linked.

For the benefit of those not familiar with it, A Course in Miracles is a non-denominational spiritual curriculum that was scribed in the early 1970’s by clinical and research psychologist and tenured Associate Professor of Medical Psychology Dr. Helen Schucman and aided by her department head, Dr. William Thetford. Dr. Schucman described the writing process as an inner dictation that came from Jesus. ACIM has been translated in seventeen languages and has sold over 1.5 million copies. Nearly 2,000 study groups exist worldwide.

The Course teaches that God (or whatever word you are comfortable with) is the creative source behind all of life and that we are all connected in spirit through this creative energy. Our bodies are simply vessels that our spirits use to do our work here on earth. As extensions of this creative energy, we have all inherited its power to create. Our mind is the channel that directs this energy. When we focus on our spiritual connection and let go of the physical limitations of body, we can more easily grasp how we are extensions of the divine creative energy. If we believe in the power of the law of attraction, might it make sense that this power exists because of our connection to divine creative energy?

There are amazing benefits to be found when we understand the implication of this connection. Being connected to the source of life means that we have access to everything that exists without limitations. This access takes place in our minds as demonstrated in The Secret. Even more importantly is the idea that we are a connected family of man, each given a unique role to play. We can find clues to this purpose by looking closely at the unique gifts we were born with. We can ask ourselves what the divine intention was when we were created.

So how does this all tie back to the statement about our ability to create in the likeness of our Creator? We tend to think of ourselves like free agents with minds of our own operating in our own little worlds. Yet we did not create ourselves so our ability to create has been inherited. And because Mom and Dad did not create themselves either, all of creation ultimately gets linked back to our original Creator. The law of attraction is an example of a power we humans have not created, yet one which has been passed on to us. By using this power, we are creating in the likeness of our Creator.