manifesting peace

“The message of the crucifixion is perfectly clear:  Teach only love, for that is what you are.” — A Course in Miracles

The crucifixion was a call for peace that many of us are unable to recognize.  Jesus taught us that even the most extreme example of assault did not justify a response of anger, hatred or fear.  His message showed us that how we react reflects what we believe, and what we believe, we teach.    He asked that we believe with him so that we will teach as he did.

The crucifixion of Jesus is considered one of the most signficant events in the history of the world.  Mel Gibson’s 2004 movie, Passion of the Christ attracted people to view the bloody final hours of Jesus’ life in record-breaking numbers.  Most of us know the story at least vaguely.  Jesus was killed for what he believed in.  He died for what he came to teach. 

Jesus tells us repeatedly that we each have the capability to learn what he has, to become like him.  Yet why is it that we struggle so much with having this same faith in ourselves?  Most of us deny this opportunity so strongly that we don’t even try to give its reality a chance.  We simply tell ourselves it’s not possible so why even bother.  And as we hang onto this belief that we are weak and unable to grow and change, we continue to feed into the anger, fear and hatred that permeates our world.

If it is true that we teach others what we believe in, then we need to consider taking some responsibility for that.  We each go about our days spreading our thought systems throughout the world.  Take a hard look at what you believe in.  Ask yourself if this is a belief that contributes to peace and love in the world.  I know how easy it is to shrug ourselves off as insignificant and unable to make a viable contribution.  Yet if each one of us strives to follow Jesus’ lead, our world would be far more driven by love and peace that we know it today. 

I don’t think it is any coincidence that millions of Americans have been armed with an awareness of the law of attraction over the past few months.  What has been brewing in the human potential movement for decades has now created a swell in the masses.  There’s a shift in consciousness taking place.  We are beginning to become more strongly aware of our own power.  With this comes the opportunity to break through the limitations we’ve created for ourselves as we ignite that power.  Now that we’ve been shown that we can manifest whatever we think upon, how about we all start adding brotherly love and global peace to the images of abundance that we have now begun to practice? 

Happy Easter.  May peace be with you.

One thought on “manifesting peace

  1. Susan,

    America has changed and so has many of it’s people. In the past eras, like the 1950s through the 1980s, the public consciousness ruled; people fought for social justice, personal growth, or an awareness of fellow “man.” There was a tone of cooperation, a fellowship where people were more open to giving of themselves and allowing others the opportunity to demonstrate their goodness.

    There seems to be a undertone of pessimism and anger in many people today. Instead of allowing people to show their goodness, many people judge you (negatively) before you have the chance to speak with them. Confrontations over the silliest and most mundane things happen everyday in today’s society.

    What is the answer for these dissolutioned people in particular? In my opinion many of them are simply “expecting” the negativity they have experienced in their pasts. They do not have the ability to change in their own mind. Their actions, which they see as self defense, perpetuate the negative reactions other people have toward them.

    Yet here is the true dichotomy: the dissolutioned have fixed their untrusting nature in some portions of their life. What do I mean by this idea? Some people are very forgiving and open to others and they conduct themselves this way in different facets of life. For example I have friends who are quite professional and kind in their daily work. They treat their clients and their co-workers well and they are open and non aggressive in nature.

    Unfortunately those same people demonstrate mistrust, aggressiveness, anger toward people outside of their business life. . .
    It is the same concept as what we American’s view as success. In America if a man is monetarily successful he is considered a success in life. This is the same man who has been married 3x, divorced 3x, his kids hate him, he has cheated, lied, and stolen. He is socially and morally bankrupt–yet this same flawed jerk is still considered a “success.”

    Ultimately your message is more important now than anytime in our history. We need to change within and show our love first. We need to give others the chance to show their love by “setting a positive tone” in all of our communications. . .

    Here is a social experiment I have been conducting for the past 2 months: social change through semantics. Anytime I meet a person who has a tough job and the type of job that that particular person seems to be “ashamed” or “down” about, I address them with the utmost respectful semantic term. If I meet a man I address him as “Sir” and treat him as if he is the CEO of “his” business. . . the guy might be pushing a broom and it doesn’t matter. With older women it is Thank you “Maam”.

    What this type of respect giving does is it has produced positive results in nearly every case. Men who would not speak or give me eye contact. . . speak and give me eye contact. You can see the feeling of surprise and gratitude in these people. It creates such good will and all it takes is a simple kind word and respectful word. . .

    Keep up the good work we can all make things better if we work together!


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