Raising Your Vibration to Attract What You Want

Why should you know what it means to raise your vibration? Because the process of raising your vibration is all about aligning with the energy that will attract what you want in your life.

Here are some examples:

To experience abundance, act from a mindset of prosperity:

  • Eliminate the idea of lack. Acknowledge that what lies between you and abundance is your ability to claim it for yourself.
  • Recognize that opportunities to create more abundance are all around you. It’s just a matter of focusing on them and following through.
  • Give generously, expecting that what you need will be provided.

To live meaningfully, follow your passions:

  • Be driven by passion, not by money.
  • Trust your heart over your analytical mind.
  • Recognize that your unique gifts provide the clues to your purpose.

To achieve inner peace, be authentic:

  • Express your inner self in your outer world.
  • Connect with others from your heart.
  • Seek to deliver what you’ve been born to do.

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5 thoughts on “Raising Your Vibration to Attract What You Want

  1. I love what you said it’s so inspiring. Life i’ve learnt so far is all about being at peace with one’s self. Sometimes i do get jealous that some of my friends are more successful, and the fact that i don’t necessarily have the perfect job. I’m a freelancer and still trying to find work, but i’m also still trying o find me. I think people forget that there is opportunities in everything. Having this break to myself has also given me so much time to find myself. Work keeps the mind too busy to focus on the soul, people forget that it’s all about balance and connections. Staying focussed is hard, life distracts you. But it’s important to consistently look for the positive outcome i guess.

    Please add me to your blog, i’ve added you to mine because i believe you have a world of knowledge that some people haven’t tapped into. I’ve just started it as well so i’m really excited.


  2. Hi JessO,

    Thanks for your great feedback. It sounds like you’ve got the right mindset and your blog is off to a great start. Before I add you to my blogroll I’d like to see a little more history so that I comfortable enough with consistency and content to be making a personal recommendation. I hope that makes sense.
    Meanwhile, keep on expressing your great voice!


  3. Excellent points, Susan. The law of attraction operates in direct proportion to your purity of intent. The more enlightened you become, the more likely your request will be relevant to your life’s purpose. And the more genuine your desire to love and serve God, the higher the frequency—and positive magnetism—of your consciousness. If your desire is coming from ego instead of spirit, it is likely self-serving and a detriment to your spiritual progress. Thus, you will only manifest it if a corrective lesson is attached. Is that a price worth paying? Ask King Midas.

    Phil Bolsta
    • bolstablog.com
    • Author of “Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything” (www.sSxtySecondsBook.com)

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