49th Birthday Revelations

I turned 49 seventeen days ago and its impact has been settling in. I expected it to be a mellow landing, with a stronger thrust to hit with the big “50”. I guess I was wrong.

On the exterior, I feel great. Some of the workouts are harder than others, but nothing noticeable to even mention. It’s my interior that feels this one. I’m not going to live forever; in fact, I now see the precious value of the decades ahead. Part of me wishes that I could grab the past back just to gain more time. Yet the other part senses that the greatest jewels in life lie ahead.

2 thoughts on “49th Birthday Revelations

  1. Hi Susan,

    Belated Birthday Wishes. Hope you brought in your birthday with much fan fare. Apologies havent been really active on the blog scene lately as I have been travelling quite a lot for work.

    Will be back with a bang soon. Hope to finish off your book as well, which has been my constant travelling companion too.


  2. Deeps,

    Thanks so much for the belated birthday wishes. It’s always great to hear from you. I totally understand how work can keep you from being active on the blog scene, as I am in that place as well.

    Hope you are enjoying the travels!

    All my best,

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