Your Home: Is it Supporting Your Visions or Holding You Back?

The other day I sat in on a presentation about the basics of Feng Shui by my charismatic French friend, Sabine Lamoureux. In a very simple way, it changed the way I think about the environment that surrounds me every day. Sabine helped me to see that the energy that we allow to surround us is as influential as the vitamins that we feed our physical bodies. It fuels our moods and acts as a mirror for how we see ourselves. Without this awareness we can sabotage our greatest desires.

Tips for aligning your home with your vision:

  1. Eliminate clutter. It keeps you bogged down with the energy of your past. To make room in your life for new opportunities, you have to make space in your physical energy field.

  2. Get rid of what doesn’t feel good in your environment. It decreases your level of positive energy.

  3. Create an environment that expresses what you want to experience. This isn’t about buying things. It is about surrounding yourself with simple things that represent what you want to achieve, create or become.

2 thoughts on “Your Home: Is it Supporting Your Visions or Holding You Back?

  1. Hey Susan
    Lovely tread!
    “Your Home: Is it Supporting Your Visions or Holding You Back?”
    I spend alot of time to build my “perfekt home”…
    Feng shui…this is one of the buzzwords…
    For 2 years i´ve move out from my parents, and after this i build my own accommodation…
    I lived in germany, and now iam here in england… and without feng shui, without my nice domicil… Iam happy, agreed and satisfied .
    My home definitly support my visions… how did it called !?
    ” to blossom out” … i mean to flourish…be that as it may- it´s a great support , i feal the energie, and i love it !
    I hope you understand me .. my english isn´t very good *g*
    greets, chris

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