Divine Energy: Your Source of Unlimited Power

This is the third in a series of articles I’ve created for those seeking to raise their spiritual vibration through an understanding of the attributes of divine energy. Why is this knowledge important? It is important because raising your vibration is all about aligning with divine energy. You can be much more effective in your efforts of aligning with the divine if you have a conscious understanding of the attributes you’re seeking to align with. Make sense?

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Attributes of Divine Energy, Part 1
Attributes of Divine Energy, Part 2

Divine energy is a source of unlimited power. I can’t stress this concept of unlimited power enough. There is nothing that the divine can’t execute through its power. An important element to acknowledge here is that divine energy operates with purpose and will. Consider what this means personally to you. You are a powerful creative being whose purpose is to carry out the will of the divine. If your intentions align with the will of divine, your power to create is unlimited. If they don’t, your power can be limited. Yet there is reassurance to be found here. If you are not able to produce a certain result, it means that what you desire to create is not for your higher good. Work on embracing these thoughts as your immediate response to whatever unfolds:

  • If something doesn’t happen when or how you want it to, tell yourself that what is happening is coming from a source that is much wiser than you are and knows much better what is best for you and those around you.
  • Think of yourself as a vehicle for divine will. Eliminate the words “can’t” and “impossible” from your vocabulary as they pertain to the carrying out of this will, even if you can’t see how everything that needs to happen will come together.
  • Take note of surprises that come to you seemingly out of the blue. Acknowledge the role of divine energy in connecting you with it.

Attributes of Divine Energy – Part 2

Do you want to learn more about how to align with divine energy? This is the second article in my series designed to increase your awareness of the attributes of divine energy to support your clarity on what you’re seeking to align with. (Click here to read the first article in this series.)

Divine energy is present everywhere. Its power can be found at every point in space and every moment in time. Its presence exists in the most beautiful displays of nature as well as the most violent neighborhoods of a ghetto.

How can you align with this attribute of omnipresence?

The strength of divine energy is always with you.You merely need to shift your attention to allow it into your consciousness.This means that you are never alone in your journey.You are never on your own as you pursue the fulfillment of your dreams.Think of divine energy as your constant partner in life. You can more closely align yourself with this partnership by:

  • Developing a meditation practice where you intentionally tune in to divine guidance.
  • Begin your day by asking (orally or mentally) divine energy to show you everything you need to know that day to live in alignment with its will for you.Your reaching out could be in the form of casual conversation or prayer, whatever feels most comfortable to you.
  • At any moment in which you find yourself struggling to any degree, stop and remember that you are not alone. Ask divine energy for comfort, guidance or signs to show you what you need to know to rise about the challenge.

Please stay tuned as I share more about the invitation to align with our divine power.

Attributes of Divine Energy – Part 1

Many people come to my blog seeking information about how to raise their spiritual vibration. Learning how to raise your vibration requires that you recognize the attributes associated with it. Although no living human is fully equipped to describe divine energy, we can discern its key attributes as they have been passed down by Genesis throughout the ages. This is my first in a series of articles which describe the attributes of divine energy.

Divine energy is spirit. Divine energy is expressed without physical form. From our human perspective, this essence is invisible. You can’t see it with your eyes or touch it with your hands, yet it is still perpetually present.

How can you align with this attribute of spirit?

Recognize that the invisible nature of divine energy comes with the invitation to believe that divine energy is present even where there is no evidence of any physical form. You embrace this belief by looking for divine presence in the events that unfold in your life. By constantly focusing your attention on divine energy, you vibrate at the level aligned with it. Here are some examples of ways that you can approach your life to align with spirit:

  • Look at events that happen or people that arrive in your life as coming to you through divine energy.
  • Eliminate the idea that situations present themselves by happenstance.
  • Consider yourself on the receiving end of spirit and you put yourself in the open flow of spirit.
  • Remembering that divine energy works invisibly, let go of the need to see physical proof of something happening to believe that the energy is in motion.

Thank you for visiting. Please stay tuned as I introduce another attribute of divine energy in my next article.

In spirit,


Are You Ready to Own Your Power?

Throughout the history of civilization, Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament, has provided humankind with an account that explains the beginning of the world. This is a story which proclaims that a divine energy created the universe in perfect order, culminating in the creation of human life. It is said that human beings have been created in the likeness of this divine energy as a means for the divine to express itself, love and the purpose behind life.

While many of us have incorporated this historical account as our personal belief, it is rare that we embrace the implications of a divine force behind all of creation. We may accept being labeled as a child of the divine, yet we often fail to appreciate what that means on a practical level. How often do you probe what is meant by the statement that you were created in the likeness of the divine? I know that for the longest time, I considered this relationship from purely a physical perspective. I naively focused that likeness as being attached to a physical body, without giving a thought to what this could imply on a deeper level. It was through my study of A Course in Miracles that I began to entertain the idea that my mind is an extension of divine energy. I am not alone in this relationship. Your mind is an extension of the divine, too.

The implications of this understanding are huge. It means that your mind is not simply your own, rather it is a channel that you share with divine energy. Consider the significance of your thoughts if you accept that they hold divine power. Divine energy is the creative source behind the Law of Attraction, yet many people lack the awareness to see it this way. Think about the shift you make energetically through the belief that you hold divine power. The Law of Attraction can then work not like a black box that you are personally disassociated with, but as an energy that you are a part of. Embracing this concept provides you with the opportunity to take ownership of the power that you have.

The Secret to Feeling Good

Have you ever really stopped to think about where you came from? Now I don’t mean this from a perspective of who your family is and your geographic origin. I am talking about the very essence from which you were created. How often do you consider that your essence comes from the powerful energy that is behind all of life’s creation? Most of us have probably heard the assertion that we are children of this divine creative energy. But what does that really mean? And what are its implications? When we stop to consider the answer to these questions, we give ourselves a reason to experiment with what we have inherited. For if you were truly aware that the greatest power known to man runs right through you, would you continue to keep this power buried deep in a dark closet that is never opened? Wouldn’t you want to learn how to tap into it?

Before you can learn how to work with this power, you first need to acknowledge that it exists, and that you have access to it in every moment. Even better is to recognize that this power is actually a part of you. It’s a part of you because you came from it. You were made from its essence. Your energy stems from this divine energy, which means that you have inherited its powers. Yet in order to fully engage this power, you need to align your energy in its likeness. You need to model divine energy to vibrate in its full frequency. If you don’t, you operate at a lower capacity. It’s that simple.

Modeling divine energy is easy, actually, if you allow yourself to see it that way. You’ve already been given everything you need. You simply need to develop new habits. These habits themselves shouldn’t be hard to build because they will make you feel good. How could you not feel good when you are expressing the divine in you? If there is anything hard about learning to vibrate at a high level of divine energy, it’s in giving yourself permission to express your self this way. The difficulty lies in having the courage to approach life from a mentality that is different than our mass consciousness. It requires strength to step out as a pioneer to claim a power and a way of being that most people are unable to fathom as being possible.

I will be writing more about how to vibrate divine energy here in future articles. For the time being, though, think about how you can begin to do this yourself right now. Think about some of the characteristics that you associate with the divine, and then start expressing those as much as possible. Doesn’t it feel good?

The Power of Believing in Unlimited Supply


There is something about being human which tends to invite a perspective of lack. As much as we may be told otherwise, many of us tend to view the various substances in life as having a limited supply. We then apply this to our own lives to believe that we can only have so much money, so much love, so much success and so forth. How many of us believe that we can’t have it all?

It is easy to see how this perspective can get in the way of our believing that we can have the abundant lives that we dream about. We can eliminate this as an obstacle that gets in our way by acknowledging our essence as Divine energy, and by considering the implications of this. By recognizing that we are directly connected to the source of all of life, we can consider that all that exists is personally available to us. From this perspective, we can shift our ideas about lack from being a practical, real issue that we must deal with to a mindset that we can change. It is through this shift in thinking that we raise our Divine vibration and open ourselves up to more abundance.

Remember, what do you have to worry about when you have access to all that exists through the portal of your mind?

Acknowledging Your Divine Energy

There is no mistaking the fact that no living human being thoroughly understands this energy that we call the Divine. It’s a mystery of life that most of us acknowledge plays a significant role in the creation of life, yet it is a power that we tend to ignore in our day-to-day existence. Most of us tend to disregard this power because we see it as something outside of ourselves. Yet if we look closely at what we have been able to discern about Divine energy, we can begin to understand that it is a powerful force that we can work with to influence and shape our lives.

Divine energy is the essence behind all of life. While we may consider that all of creation stems from Divine energy, we commonly attach the relationship between Divine energy and life creation to a historical or religious framework that we disassociate as having pertinence in our everyday lives. It’s as though unconsciously, we’ve accepted the belief that the evolution of time has diluted the energy through which our earliest of ancestors were created from.

We may call ourselves children of the Divine, yet many of us fail to appreciate what that means from a practical level. We often forget that we are expressions of Divine energy, that we are Divine creators in our own right and that we create through our thoughts. Looking at the relationship between Divine energy and thought from this perspective provides a deeper ground from which you can employ the Law of Attraction.

If there is something that you wish to create in your life, but find yourself falling down for whatever reason, remind yourself that you are an expression of this God energy. Do you really believe that the power of God is greater than your obstacles? Then acknowledge that power within you and let it get to work.

Climbing the Vibrational Ladder: Step 1


Many people come to my blog wanting to learn more about how to raise your vibration, so here I am again offering more. As I prepared this time to dig a little deeper to provide you with something new, I poked around out there curious to see what others are saying. I’ve read many wonderful writings which align raising your vibrational frequency with dwelling on positive thinking and feelings. I don’t disagree with those ideas. I just happen to believe that it goes deeper than that. In this discussion about raising your vibration, we can’t lose sight of what we really are—individual extensions of Divine energy that, for efficiency purposes, I suppose, happens to be contained in a body.

I believe that acknowledging that you are Divine energy is the first step in raising your vibration. Why? Because this is where you get your creative power. This is the force that works behind those positive thoughts. This is where your strength lies. So acknowledge it. Honor it. Celebrate it. Let it work for you. But please don’t ignore it.

Can you be so bold as to consider that you hold the power of God within you? Think about it, okay?


What Does it Really Mean to Raise Your Vibration?


Three months ago I published an article here, Tips for Raising Your Vibration, that has been so consistently well trafficked that it has given me pause for thought. What is it about this topic that intrigues us so? And like some of the other leading edge thought concepts that I promote in this space, I wonder if we are all on the same page as to what we’re really talking about. After all, this is not a life issue that we learn about through the mainstream media. This leaves those of us who are curious about such things responsible for finding our own answers, rather than having them regularly fed to us. Oh well. It comes with the territory of being the pioneers that we are.

I love how the ordinary events of my life are always leading me to deeper understandings. Last night I sat down to dinner alone with a book I hadn’t picked up in awhile, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, by Wayne Dyer. As I was thumbing through, I came across a couple of sections that provided me with a new way of looking at the impact of energy vibration. In the words of Dr. Dyer:

“Faster vibrations mean getting closer to spirit.”

“Slower vibrations keep us in the world of ‘problems’.”

I now better understand the popularity of the vibration article. Who knowingly wants to invite problems into their life?

After reading this, I thought more about what it means to achieve a fast level of vibration. At the slowest level we are plodding through our human “stuff”, while at the highest vibration we are at the energy of the divine. To vibrate at the highest level means to be God-like. I don’t know how simpler it can get. When we understand what it means, the how-to becomes clear. To become God-like means to focus your energy on expressing kindness, generosity, understanding and all those other virtues of love that we attach to the divine.

It sounds pretty easy to me. And the good news is that as we transform the energy of our individual beings, we all make this planet a better place.


Who Hid The Secret?


Six months ago I couldn’t turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper or go to a meeting without hearing mention of The Secret. Today the talk has all but disappeared. What happened?

I have my own theories. As a long-time student of metaphysics, I was delighted about the awareness that The Secret brought to the law of attraction. Yet I always felt that something big was missing. It lacked depth. It was like trying to build a luxury home without a concrete foundation. No matter how enticing it looks, it is not going to stand for long without the proper support.

The law of attraction is a metaphysical principle. In order to effectively employ the law of attraction, you need to not only understand what is happening, you have to believe in it. Otherwise, you go through the motions as if you are performing an act of magic. And who really believes in magic?

From my perspective, metaphysics is a spiritual science. It recognizes a divine power from which creative energy flows. As creations of this power, we have inherited this creative energy and access its power through our minds. Simply put, God created you, so you carry within you God-like powers to create. This is what the law of attraction is all about.

While I don’t profess to be an expert about God and the theory of life, I’ve taken my own guess on how the law of attraction works. The power that we call God is an energy, which from what I understand, does not use arms, legs and computers to create with. Somehow this energy forms things without body parts and technology. I can’t help but think that this creative power works with thought rather than aimless force. Isn’t this exactly what we’re doing when we employ the law of attraction? This is such an important point that I am going to ask the question again. Doesn’t this creative thought process mimic what we have been able to discern about divine creation? Might that be because we carry within us the energy from which we were created?

So my disappointment with The Secret is in its total disregard to the force behind all of this creative power. I know that it is not particularly sexy or chic to talk about God, but there is so much power to be claimed if only we’d acknowledge it. I don’t know about you, but it’s easier for me to believe in my God-like powers than smoke and mirrors.