The Secret to Feeling Good

Have you ever really stopped to think about where you came from? Now I don’t mean this from a perspective of who your family is and your geographic origin. I am talking about the very essence from which you were created. How often do you consider that your essence comes from the powerful energy that is behind all of life’s creation? Most of us have probably heard the assertion that we are children of this divine creative energy. But what does that really mean? And what are its implications? When we stop to consider the answer to these questions, we give ourselves a reason to experiment with what we have inherited. For if you were truly aware that the greatest power known to man runs right through you, would you continue to keep this power buried deep in a dark closet that is never opened? Wouldn’t you want to learn how to tap into it?

Before you can learn how to work with this power, you first need to acknowledge that it exists, and that you have access to it in every moment. Even better is to recognize that this power is actually a part of you. It’s a part of you because you came from it. You were made from its essence. Your energy stems from this divine energy, which means that you have inherited its powers. Yet in order to fully engage this power, you need to align your energy in its likeness. You need to model divine energy to vibrate in its full frequency. If you don’t, you operate at a lower capacity. It’s that simple.

Modeling divine energy is easy, actually, if you allow yourself to see it that way. You’ve already been given everything you need. You simply need to develop new habits. These habits themselves shouldn’t be hard to build because they will make you feel good. How could you not feel good when you are expressing the divine in you? If there is anything hard about learning to vibrate at a high level of divine energy, it’s in giving yourself permission to express your self this way. The difficulty lies in having the courage to approach life from a mentality that is different than our mass consciousness. It requires strength to step out as a pioneer to claim a power and a way of being that most people are unable to fathom as being possible.

I will be writing more about how to vibrate divine energy here in future articles. For the time being, though, think about how you can begin to do this yourself right now. Think about some of the characteristics that you associate with the divine, and then start expressing those as much as possible. Doesn’t it feel good?

5 thoughts on “The Secret to Feeling Good

  1. I do reflect on this, and I’m glad you are writing about it. I will be interested to follow your future posts on this subject.

    Best regards,
    Margot in Marrakesh

  2. When I think about expressing divine energy, the main obstacle I find is keeping in touch with my intuition.
    I know many sistems to do that, but sometimes I just forget to use them.

  3. Margot and Massimo,

    Thank you for your comments. I love hearing where people are in their divine discoveries. I also agree that it requires a constant focus, one that is sometimes difficult to remember to choose in the busyness of daily life.


  4. Susan

    I am very interested in this!! I would like to read more on this in the future!
    It is very hard to constantly focus on divine energy (inherited its powers) especially with all the negativity going on ….
    Is there simple ways of doing this? I have tried yoga, etc. but find it hard to still my thought and be in the power of now!!


  5. Cora,

    There are simple ways to create this new mindset. It is really a matter of learning to perceive yourself and the world differently. My suggestion would be to start every morning off with some kind of practice that centers your consciousness in your divine essence and expresses your intention to live from that place as much as possible.

    I take a few moments before I get out of bed each morning to remind myself of who I really am. I then either mentally or verbally ask the universe for guidance and opportunities which will allow me to most fully express my divine self. I have found this to be a very effective way to set the tone for my day as it sets the energy and intention in motion.

    Please do stay tuned, as I have lots more about this topic that I will be sharing.

    Best to you,

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