Attributes of Divine Energy – Part 1

Many people come to my blog seeking information about how to raise their spiritual vibration. Learning how to raise your vibration requires that you recognize the attributes associated with it. Although no living human is fully equipped to describe divine energy, we can discern its key attributes as they have been passed down by Genesis throughout the ages. This is my first in a series of articles which describe the attributes of divine energy.

Divine energy is spirit. Divine energy is expressed without physical form. From our human perspective, this essence is invisible. You can’t see it with your eyes or touch it with your hands, yet it is still perpetually present.

How can you align with this attribute of spirit?

Recognize that the invisible nature of divine energy comes with the invitation to believe that divine energy is present even where there is no evidence of any physical form. You embrace this belief by looking for divine presence in the events that unfold in your life. By constantly focusing your attention on divine energy, you vibrate at the level aligned with it. Here are some examples of ways that you can approach your life to align with spirit:

  • Look at events that happen or people that arrive in your life as coming to you through divine energy.
  • Eliminate the idea that situations present themselves by happenstance.
  • Consider yourself on the receiving end of spirit and you put yourself in the open flow of spirit.
  • Remembering that divine energy works invisibly, let go of the need to see physical proof of something happening to believe that the energy is in motion.

Thank you for visiting. Please stay tuned as I introduce another attribute of divine energy in my next article.

In spirit,


2 thoughts on “Attributes of Divine Energy – Part 1

  1. Susan, what are your thoughts about the law of attraction? I like how you said “Divine energy is invisible.” For those of us who are control freaks (that would be me), seeing something physical as proof is the hard part to let go. But that’s where “faith” comes into play.

  2. Felipe,

    My thoughts about the law of attraction? I see it as a term that we use to define the creative process of divine energy. It’s divine energy at work. Just like you said, it is an invisible process which requires much faith. Faith is the piece that truly ignites the energy. Without faith, making the law of attraction work is like trying to barbecue a chicken with lukewarm coals.

    Stay well,

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