The Power of Believing in Unlimited Supply


There is something about being human which tends to invite a perspective of lack. As much as we may be told otherwise, many of us tend to view the various substances in life as having a limited supply. We then apply this to our own lives to believe that we can only have so much money, so much love, so much success and so forth. How many of us believe that we can’t have it all?

It is easy to see how this perspective can get in the way of our believing that we can have the abundant lives that we dream about. We can eliminate this as an obstacle that gets in our way by acknowledging our essence as Divine energy, and by considering the implications of this. By recognizing that we are directly connected to the source of all of life, we can consider that all that exists is personally available to us. From this perspective, we can shift our ideas about lack from being a practical, real issue that we must deal with to a mindset that we can change. It is through this shift in thinking that we raise our Divine vibration and open ourselves up to more abundance.

Remember, what do you have to worry about when you have access to all that exists through the portal of your mind?

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