My 30-Year High School Reunion: A Party for My Soul

I went to my 30-year high school reunion on Saturday night. Actually, I did much more than just go to the reunion. I was a part of the four-person committee that made it happen. So I had the privilege of greeting every person as they walked through the door. That in itself was an amazing experience. It set the tone for what I took away from this monumental event.

During the evening I talked with a number of people who had been classmates since kindergarten. I spent some longer chunks of time with women I’d been close with during our junior and senior high years. I chatted with some classmates that I don’t recall ever talking with in my youth. There were a couple of people with whom I exchanged a warm hug and that was all. We had a DJ, dancing, and karaoke, and it was a lot of fun. But to me, it was very sweet.

You see, I feel like I picked up some precious pieces of my life that I had somehow dropped along the journey through my adult life. I feel like I have rekindled the spark that remembers where I came from. I don’t know why that means so much to me at this point in my life, but I guess it does. Somehow I now feel like I can move forward again with a new fervor. I don’t understand intellectually, but I’ve surrendered to an instinct that I’ve just taken care of a need of my soul’s. And now in a funny way, I feel more complete.

4 thoughts on “My 30-Year High School Reunion: A Party for My Soul

  1. My wife walked our 8 and 6 yr. old boys to their friends for a swim…I proceeded to turn on the sprinkler system for our newly seeded yards…As I finished checking email, I began thinking of my 30th year h.s. reunion in a couple weeks. After googling 30 y.h.s.r. ideas I read and related to your 30th reunion article…I also found some articles about your dad, life, and changes interesting…Knowing my sons are safe and having fun with my wife nearby allowed me to relax for a moment and “day dream”. I thought about some of the challenges I worked through 20+ years ago (admiring Leo Buscaglia on tv and the messages he sent out to people)…Here I am, with a beautiful wife and two healthy children, stable and rewarding employment and residing in a great place to live (Grand Island, N.Y.)!!…Still feeling a bit awkward/uncertain about attending “my first reunion”…In the future, it is very likely I would recommend my sons go to theirs…hey, life is good and a person like you, Susan Hanshaw, is a good thing! Take care of yourself!

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