Your Divine Invite: Have You RSVP’d Yet?

Several months back I shared here that I am on the planning committee for my 30-year high school reunion. The big event takes place tomorrow night and I am beginning to get very excited. Our class hasn’t united in twenty years, and we have quite a crowd coming. The party hasn’t even started yet, and already the fruits of our labor have been sweet. We’ve been hearing about emails flying around the country between classmates who are reconnecting after all these years. It feels good.

While driving to the venue site for our final meeting this morning, I popped in one of my CD’s from Caroline Myss‘ program, Sacred Contracts. As synchronicity would have it, her work was exactly what I needed to hear. It put everything I have invested in this reunion in a new perspective, a divine understanding of sorts. You see, I have spent a ton of hours on this reunion. I’m not complaining, but the reality is that the time was taken from other areas of my life—my business, my relationships, and my home. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t share that there were many times where I second-guessed my decision to be a part of our four-person committee.

As I listened to Caroline Myss speak about the concept of sacred agreements, it occurred to me that what she was describing seemed to fit what I’ve been feeling about this reunion lately. I know of at least one person who has been helped by reconnecting with a number of people from our class. So I now see it as more than a monumental party. For at least this one person, it’s been the catalyst for healing, a sacred event.

I remember how and why I responded to the initial post for volunteers. I felt called to do it. And as I look at all my business projects that have gone neglected this week as I coordinated my share of the final program details, I see this work in a different light. It is no longer just this volunteer project I agreed to take on that is causing my business to suffer. I see it now as a divine assignment that I am wrapping up. Monday I’ll throw myself back into the book proposal that’s been in its final stages for weeks, as I close another chapter of my life.

I’ve been reminded that life is all about responding to divine callings. Sometimes, maybe even most times, they can intimidate the hell out of us because they dare us to step out of our routine or comfort zone. But isn’t that how we expand fuller into what we are here to do? So think about it. What little or big thing do you feel calling you? Don’t think of it as a risky pull from your security. It’s a whisper from the divine asking for your help. How can you turn away from that?

2 thoughts on “Your Divine Invite: Have You RSVP’d Yet?

  1. Beautiful post Susan

    Since the beginning of the year I have felt a greater sense of urgency (from my inner whisperings) to step out in a bigger way in my personal life and in my business. The energy prompting is undeniably from The Divine. For me it is impossible to ignore. If I try to, even for one day, I find myself in great emotional distress as I continue to bump up against myself.

    Uncomfortable? Yes. I’m so grateful for the disress. I depend on those whispers and nudges – even those two-by-fours. They keep me awake and in alignment with Source energy.


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