The Ageless Recipe for a Rich Life

I was preparing for a wedding ceremony that I was to officiate this past weekend when something very powerful hit me. I was mentally reviewing the passage that the couple asked me to give as their reading. I had read from 1 Corinthians 13 many times before, yet this time its message struck the core of my being. In particular,

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.”

What hit me was that I’ve been on a personal journey the past couple of years where I’ve been hanging myself out there on exactly these three virtues. They have been the staples which have been my companion on what some people refer to as the road less traveled. They’re the commodities that have replaced the paycheck that came with a job my heart lost interest in. They’ve proven themselves as the key ingredients in the recipe for authentic, peaceful and joyful living.  Here’s how they are blended in my own personal recipe:

Live from a foundation of faith that believes that life is always unfolding for your highest good, whether or not it looks like that on the surface.

Hold tightly on to the hope that whatever you desire in your heart is possible if you believe in it and in yourself.

Approach the world through the understanding that you are always surrounded and supported in a powerful energy of love. You have nothing to worry about.

Thanks for visiting. I very much hope you will embrace your own gifts of faith, hope and love.

Best to you,

Susan Hanshaw

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