Finding Love in the Mirror

Most of us value our own lives enough that we’ll do whatever we can to avoid death.  Yet how much of what we cherish is about a love for ourselves versus an attachment to life in general?

How many of us look into the mirror with only a critical eye?  Why is it that we tend to focus so much more on everything we aren’t than on the beautiful specimen of life that we are?  When was the last time you looked in the mirror and really took in the face that stares back at you or the eyes that are the windows to your soul?  Have you ever taken a close look at the lines on your face and traced them back to see that they were formed by the millions of times you’ve smiled or laughed throughout your life?

Slip into the bathroom sometime today, tonight or this weekend and close the door.  Look in the mirror and embrace who you are in the mirror.  Feel what it’s like to love yourself in those moment.   Feel the sweetness of life.

Thanks for visiting.

Wishing you love,

Susan Hanshaw

3 thoughts on “Finding Love in the Mirror

  1. Beautiful post! This is something so little and simple, yet no one really does it. I’m sure many people will be amazed when they just stop and stare at themselves for a second and see and fall into who they truly are and feel what they truly have. The strength, power and ability they possess. To ultimately see them self and to love them self.


  2. This was such an inspiration to me this morning. Thank you! Before the weekend is out, I’m going to do exactly as you recommended!

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