Love Your Brother For Yourself

My boyfriend has been attending a real estate industry blogging conference the last few days. He has been telling me about what he’s learned not only about blogging, but about the people he has met. He has been introduced to strangers standing in hallways and food lines, or sitting in a meeting room waiting for the next session to begin. He’s shared with me a common thread that often surfaces in these six to eight minute conversations amongst strangers. One story was about a big burly looking man with a heavy east coast accent. On the outside this man appeared as someone you definitely don’t want to mess with, yet when he shared with my boyfriend that he was going through a divorce, his presence morphed into one of a six-year old boy.

It seems that once the business at hand is acknowledged, there lies one thing that is so important to us all that it never leaves our hearts or our consciousness. We want to love and be loved. It’s no wonder when you think about it. We are love. We were created through the energy of love. We are connected by love. We are surrounded by love everywhere around us, even if it doesn’t look like our perception of love on the surface. Love that is hidden like this is actually a mask of pain.

How quickly we tend to come to the rescue of our sisters and brothers when we discover them in a state of physical pain. We’ll rush to the side of the road to call for help when we witness an accident or send our hard-earned cash to organizations providing aid to those in need. We wear our hearts on our sleeves when we see that others are in need, but we often hide our own neediness because we don’t want to appear different or less than perfect.

My point here is that we are really all the same. By being ourselves and coming forth with our own frailties, we give others the opportunity to fulfill our need to feel loved. And by giving our brothers the opportunity to give us love, we fulfill that need for them.

Try an experiment today if you will. Open your heart to a stranger or to a loved one and see what happens. See what you can do to reduce the pain in our world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate the opportunity to share my heart with you.

My best,


Susan Hanshaw
Sanctuary for Change

2 thoughts on “Love Your Brother For Yourself

  1. Beautiful post, Susan. There is a lovely saying that strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet. In my universe, there are no strangers. We are all brothers and sisters. Thank you for sharing your heart. Peace, Carolyn

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