Living Your Purpose: Getting Beyond the “But…”

I am convinced that the only things standing in the way of all of us living as a joyful expression of our life’s purpose are the limiting beliefs that we ourselves create that act like barrier walls that keep us from reaching for our heart’s desires. As I mentioned in yesterday’s article, Learning to Trust Your Heart, I have witnessed many individuals move from feeling clueless about their purpose to recognizing some strong clues simply by being shown how and where to look. The next step then becomes a process of giving yourself the permission and dedication to tear down the walls that are standing in your way. Following are some of the most common obstacles along with some tips on how to overcome them.

“I can’t see how I can support myself financially.” I don’t mean to downplay what is a real concern for many people. Instead I invite you to look differently at supporting yourself through your passions than if you’ve been earning a paycheck for working a full-time job. Make a list of all the different ways you can generate income by doing what you love to do. Your financial support does not have to come from one single source. Your financial livelihood can be made up of many roles or services that you provide, all employing your passions. Maybe one particular role can’t generate enough money for you, but adding others into the mix might just bring in what you need.

“I don’t have the credentials.” Yes, I know, some fields do require licenses or certifications. But this does not apply for everything. Sometimes real-life experience is just as valuable, if not more, than formal credentials. If you are someone holding yourself back because you think you don’t have the right credentials, ask yourself if that is really true or if you are just using that as a convenient excuse to keep you from sticking your neck out.

“My life is too busy. I just don’t have the time to focus on my purpose.” Hogwash! If something is truly important to you, you can find a way to build it into your life. Make it a top priority and schedule your leisure time around it. Everyone who cares about you will understand. Even the smallest amount of time that you are able to commit provides you the opportunity to take steps forward. Remember that transition is not an overnight job. It’s an unfolding of baby steps.

“People will think I’m crazy to give up what I have.” This one hung over my head for the longest time. And I was delightfully surprised at how much support I got from those I didn’t expect who applauded my desire and guts to leave a secure path for the pursuit of a deeper happiness and sense of purpose.

“I can’t afford to reduce my income. I have bills to pay and my savings account is for my retirement.” I’ve been there, too. Why is it that most of us think nothing about taking a big wad of savings to invest in a house, a stock or mutual fund portfolio, yet won’t consider making an investment in our own lives? Yes, backing away from a secure career is a risk, yet look at the potential rewards. Think of it like any financial investment. It’s not to be made with short-term mentality. Over time you have the potential to be making as much or many times more than your current job.

If you have any “but…’s” that are not covered on this list, I invite you to email me for a perspective of how you can break through your obstacle.

Thanks for visiting. I wish you joy and courage on your journey to living your purpose.

Susan Hanshaw

2 thoughts on “Living Your Purpose: Getting Beyond the “But…”

  1. I was recently forced to give up the buts, the what-if’s and the could-be’s. Pursuing what I know to be right and good was easier than I thought and so far there is more interest than I ever imagined. I’m proud to have done it despite the mounting difficulties that my family and I face as a result. They too shall pass. My purpose is found and I plan to pursue it with everything I have. Have a beautiful, purposeful week Ms. Hanshaw.

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