Learning to Trust Your Heart


I’ve heard it said that we come to teach what we need to learn. This theory proved true for me the other night when I sat in front of a group of people who came to my class, Discovering Your Passions and Purpose. I learned a lot from this engaging group. Some of it was new and some just a reminder. But the biggest lesson was how similarly we all seem to go to battle with our hearts and our fears.

When I teach this class, I always begin by inviting each person to share what brought them to the class and where they are in their journey. Invariably, the majority of the participants will share that they know that what they are currently doing is not their calling, yet they don’t have a clue as to what is. Then the fun begins. Through the group discussion and exercises, nearly everyone will come to some revelation about what it is that they feel called to do. Yet these revelations are usually wrapped in a thick layer of insecurities and doubts, making these revelations feel a million miles away from realistic. I’m learning that my job now is to facilitate the process of breaking through those layers so that you can give your heart the opportunity to thrive. One of the most important steps in this process is learning to trust yourself. Here are a few ideas for you to consider for building that trust to say yes to what your heart wants to do:

  • Give your heart and your desires credibility. If your natural tendency is to believe that your desires are aimed to take you on a reckless path, try replacing that belief with one that says that your heart knows better than your mind about the direction that will provide you with the most joy and life fulfillment.
  • Think of your heart as a guiding compass rather than a will you must fight to protect yourself. Recognize that taking direction from your heart is the key to your happiness.  Consider your happiness as a better gauge for your personal success than your bank account.
  • The world needs the balance of all our gifts and talents. Being an artist or entertainer is just as important a role as being a doctor or teacher. Learn to see the value in what you are passionate about and the unique gifts you have been given.

Thanks for visiting.  I’m wishing you happiness in your heart.  Let me know if I can support you in any way.

Susan Hanshaw

    3 thoughts on “Learning to Trust Your Heart

    1. Hi, Susan 🙂 This was a wonderful post and really speaks to my heart today. Following my heart is key….as is listening to my intuition and making decisions based upon my values.

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