An Invitation that Will Change Your Life

What if you knew you had the power to create whatever reality you wanted and were given fail-safe instructions on how to go about it?  Would you do it?  Trick question?  No.  But think about it for a moment.

If you’ve found your way to this blog, chances are you’ve heard all about The Secret and the Law of Attraction.  Like me, then, you’ve been taught that we create our lives through our minds.  By thinking about what we want and visualizing it as our reality, we express our God-given role as  creators.  That is, if we believe we have this power and we actually employ it.  My guess is that this is where most of us fall down.  At least I do.  Not always, but much of the time.  I want to get better about engaging my power because I know that it works.  I’ve seen it.

I look back at a large account I once landed when everyone else on the team didn’t think we had a chance in hell.  I prepared and practiced in my mind a killer presentation that was fired with faith.  Then I look at other things I’ve manifested through visualization even though my faith more resembled blind hope.  But it worked anyway.  I’m beginning to build the career I’ve always dreamed about and I have a wonderful partner both in love and business.  Yet still I remain a lazy visualizer.

It doesn’t really matter why I expend more energy trying to fit into my jeans than I do practicing the power of visualization.  It’s enough to recognize it so that I can commit to changing it.  So I am beginning today.  And your presence here is going to help me.  I’m going to start each blog day off by calling attention to this power we have by exercising it a bit.  I invite you to join me in your own process.  So let’s start right now.

Think about a relationship that you wish to attract, maintain or improve.  Take a moment to visualize what this person looks like.  Imagine them walking through the door of your home early one evening.  Imagine what is expressed verbally and physically.  Think about how it feels to engage with this person and stand close to them.  Imagine the evening unfolding.  What does the energy between you feel like?  How are you spending your time together?  What are you talking about?  What is the tone?  Once you have a clear vision of what it looks and feels like to spend an evening with this person, allow your mind to imagine glimpses of other times with him or her.  What kinds of things do you do together?  How do you connect?  How do you feel? Create enough of these pictures in your mind so as to have captured random moments that are like photographs in an album that is a tribute to your relationship.  Make a point to add more snapshots in your mind as you think about it throughout the day.

Thank you for joining me as we experiment together with the power we have to create what we want in our lives.  I’d love for you to comment on your experiences so that together we can inspire each other!

Susan Hanshaw

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