Dare to Break Your Human Mold

A Course in Miracles talks about time as being simply a resource for us in learning to remember who and what we really are and our connection to all of life. This is another example of a lesson that I can grasp intellectually, yet until it makes its way to my heart, I truly don’t get it. Even if I think I do.

I have been focusing a lot in recent days about trying to live in greater alignment with who I am and what I think I am here to do. Yet when I awaken each morning my thoughts immediately jump to my physical presence. Is my automated coffee maker finished brewing? Is Dean up? What’s the weather like? What time is my first appointment? What am I going to wear? When will I fit my run in? As someone whose focus is on spiritual awakening, this frustrates me. What is it going to take for me to physically and mentally embrace the essence that I feel in my heart? I’m done with feeling like I spend so much of my time living my spiritual life from the outside like it were some fantasy baseball game. I want to play the real game from the inside.

I know. You might respond to my frustrations by telling me to just relax and allow myself to be human. But I’m sorry. I want more than that. I want to fully walk my own talk as well as the words of wisdom of all the others who have enlightened me.

The good news is that I believe I have the where-with-all to do this. I look back on other times in my life where I’ve made great change by putting my mind to it. When I was 20, I woke up one day tired of being a fat young woman and I completely changed my eating habits. At 30, I stopped being a closet smoker the day I moved into a new apartment. When I was 35, I got a glimpse of how strong I really am when my husband walked out on me. At 45, I got the courage to say good-bye to a 20-year career that no longer fed me. Now, six weeks short of my 48th birthday, I feel ready to take on a new step. And I ask, why should this be any different? Does living as a true expression of your spiritual light have to be an impossible dream?

So on this luscious June day I share with you that I have begun to dare myself to approach my life differently. I set the intention to remind myself constantly of who I really am and to think and act on that accordingly. I do this with the hopeful expectation that this is how habits are created. Haven’t we been taught that practice makes perfect?

I invite you also to join with me and create your own intention to live more fully from your spiritual light. In numbers we can begin to break the mold and return to our natural state of being.

Thank you for visiting.

In light,
Susan Hanshaw

2 thoughts on “Dare to Break Your Human Mold

  1. Susan….Do you know about the Oneness Blessings? About Deeksha??? THIS is exactly what it is for! I just had my second live experience last night (and that makes 4 total now), and it is subtley bringing about exactly what you are describing. At the recent L.A. Event, there were two “cosmic beings” – people with such high levels of consciousness that bystanders were effected just by being in their presence.

    Deeksha is Divine Energy actually effecting the frontal lobes – it’s not a religion. There are no gurus. It is for the soul purpose of enlightenment. And no matter what a persons personal beliefs are, they are strengthened by the Oneness blessing.

    It might be worth checking out if you haven’t already 🙂

  2. Grace,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I was not familiar with Deeksha and the Oneness Blessings. You have led me to do a bit of research on them so expect to see an article here as I learn more.


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