Creative Energy in Motion

I don’t know about you, but I am patience challenged. When I want to manifest something, I want it to happen overnight. Yet I’ve learned that you cannot manifest something that has not been first cultivated in your mind. The Law of Attraction isn’t like rubbing a magic lantern and walking away, waiting for a wish to be granted. It’s about building something from the inside out. It’s about using your mind to diagram what it is that you wish to create, then supporting its form through the thoughts and words you express about it.

Your thoughts are the building blocks for what you experience in life. Whatever you create first begins as an idea in your mind. As you think more and more about your idea, it begins to build momentum. Once your idea becomes stronger, you begin talking about it. The energy of your spoken words lights a fire under the building momentum. Soon there is tremendous energy behind it. Your idea is now whirling in motion with such forceful energy that it begins to attract whatever is needed to complete its vision. This is creative energy in motion. You keep the creative energy whirling as you stay aligned with your vision through your thoughts, words, and actions. This energy will continue to attract whatever is in alignment with it.

Think of your thoughts and words as being like atoms that produce energy. Different kinds of thoughts are expressed as different vibrations of energy. Perhaps you’ve felt the difference in energy between a “yes” and a “no” answer. Thoughts of prosperity and health vibrate at a different level than those of lack or negativity. Think of prosperous and healthy thoughts as nourishing vitamins for the growth of your creation. Think of thoughts of lack or other types of negativity as stunting the growth of your creation. With every thought and every word you express, you either bring your intention closer or push it further away. This makes it very important to be conscious of your thoughts as well as the words that you send out to the universe.

So whenever you are thinking or talking about a desire you have, ask yourself if you are bringing it closer or pushing it away. It’s not that hard. It just requires that you pay attention. But isn’t it worth it?

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Here’s to an amazing journey!

Susan Hanshaw

6 thoughts on “Creative Energy in Motion

  1. Hi,

    Very nice topic have been produced by your mind. The power of mind and process of its energy is being mentioned very well way. It will be more effective if you can add some examples of thoghts structures in a simple manner so that why it may create instant output.

    very nice

    thank you


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  3. Hi,
    It is really an article which makes you feel of negative /positive energy. The example of saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in generation of energy is very convincing. Thanks

    Amarjit Arora

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