cultivating the power of your words


Many of us are waking up to the idea that whatever manifests in your life is a result of your thoughts.  This awareness brings with it the importance of monitoring your thoughts.  Most of us were not taught to associate thoughts or words as having energy, yet their fueling power is enormous.  We are now a society that recognizes that our bodies are a result of what we eat.  We have also come to appreciate that our environment is a product of what we dump into it.  Following these two awakenings is the idea that your experiences are a result of your thoughts.

Consider also the power of your words.  They are thoughts you have charged into motion through verbal energy.  Just like carbon atoms can turn a piece of fresh bread into burnt toast, negative words can handicap your greatest intent.  And with enough volume, negative thinking can be crippling.

You must be conscious of the power that your words have in the creation process.  Think of your words as either nutritious fuel or poisonous gas and mind yourself accordingly.  This requires a commitment to honor your truth with the words you choose.  It requires that you take great care with your words, whether you are speaking to yourself, your partner, or a stranger at a party.

Sometimes out of fear of how we will be received, we may protect ourselves and our true desires by tossing words out into the Universe that don’t at all support the direction we wish to move towards.  Without being conscious about the power of your words, you can dump a puddle of poisonous gas on your most cherished dream.

If you truly believed in the power of your thoughts and words, would you be willing to extend some energy in monitoring them?  Are you willing to begin now?

Thanks for visiting.  I’m wishing you an amazing journey.

Susan Hanshaw

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