believe in yourself

Phew! The party’s over. My parents’ surprise 50th anniversary party, that is. For over two weeks my boyfriend, Dean and I have been painting, staining, planting and cleaning, all to prepare for thirty five of my parents’ closest family and friends to descend upon my home. Yet every moment of stress and sweat was made worth it as my mom and dad entered my home in complete shock as the word “surprise” was shouted at them. It was one of the most beautifully satisfying moments of my life to watch the shower of love that poured out towards them. Digital photos now mark the event a cherished memory as I catch up with everything that has been neglected.

This morning as I settled into meditation I was reminded of how easily we can lose touch with who we really are and what we are here to do. Last week my life centered around my “to do” list. I needed to be like a machine executing tasks to complete its work. With that project now behind me, though, I consciously choose a different mode. I seek to align with the voice of my spirit. So I sat in silence this morning conscious of my connection with God and asked for guidance. I asked for a reminder of what I am supposed to be doing with my life and for direction on what I can do today to fulfill that.

As someone who feels pretty tuned in to my purpose, I expected to receive messages that would be more of a reminder than a hand leading me in a new direction. After all, I’d been on hiatus for awhile. I supposed I had some catching up to do with my spiritual presence, like I needed to pick up the ball where I last dropped it. Low and behold, something different came to my attention. The guidance that came helped me to see how I’ve been holding myself back from truly being what I believe I am here to do. It’s the difference between giving it lip service to giving it a chance to come alive.

In yesterday’s video post, Trusting the Unknown, I shared some key beliefs which support the courage to leap into new territory. I talk about believing in the universe to nurture and sustain you. Yet I was led this morning to see something that is missing from that message. It’s about having a belief in yourself about where you feel the universe wants to take you. I now see that there is a difference between showing up for something and embracing it. It’s the difference between going through the motions to living it fully from your heart. The difference may be very subtle, yet the shift in energy is significant to the law of attraction.

Is there something that you wish to be or accomplish that you believe you’ve surrendered to on some level? Be honest with yourself. Do you really believe you can manifest it or are you just giving it lip service? If you see that you don’t fully believe in yourself, ask yourself why and then mentally break down those obstacles until you are able to see yourself truly standing in your vision. You can make it possible if you believe you can.

Thanks for visiting. I wish you an awesome journey.

Susan Hanshaw

2 thoughts on “believe in yourself

  1. Susan:

    Great post – thank you!

    I attend a Unity Church and just this past week, the message was on the powerful engagement of the imagination with the emotion in order to really energize the law of attraction. It sometimes seems overwhelming…so may things to remember to do…like one of those guys who spins plates…keep positive thoughts, watch your words, always act in accordance with your desires, envision your ideal life. As I look back over the times when I was most creative, and manifested things most easily, it has been when my passions were aroused. It’s so easy to get caught in going through the motions. This is one of the blessings of the Internet, though. Anytime of night or day, prayerful souls can find fellowship and inspiration.

  2. Julie,

    You’re so right about how easy it is to get caught in going through the motions. I try to start my day out with some kind of reflection on who I really am. I can always tell which days I miss.

    Thank you for being one of those souls who offer inspiration.


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