Accepting Your Divine Purpose

I have talked a lot here about my belief that life has purpose. Yet where does that purpose come from and where does it begin? Consider first that we were all created from a divine energy that many of us call God. That means that we each began as a spark from the divine. If you can see yourself as a divine spark, you then accept the invitation to see that there is something that God wants to do through you.  This is your divine purpose.

If you have read much of the bible, you’re aware that one of its primary messages is that we are to serve God. I suspect that many of us have misunderstood this idea. I know I have. With my childhood roots in the teachings of a judging and punishing God, I associated serving God as obeying a grand figure of authority. Let’s face it, how many of us are turned on to the idea of obeying? It wasn’t until I started thinking about why this idea might exist that I was able to understand what serving might mean.

I began to think about this idea in partnership with the idea that God is a loving energy. It then occurred to me that perhaps serving God means doing your part in making this the beautiful world that was intended for us to experience. Perhaps serving God means to honor and follow that spark within. In following your heart, you allow yourself to become all that God wants to express through you. You serve God when you are serving your brothers and sisters by the sharing of your gifts that you were uniquely given. By sharing your unique gifts, you contribute what God knows the world needs.

What are your unique gifts?  How might you contribute them to lend a hand?

Thank you for visiting. I wish you an amazing journey.

Susan Hanshaw

3 thoughts on “Accepting Your Divine Purpose

  1. Hello Susan,

    I enjoy your blogs, because it sparks questions, and inspire me to continue to seek truth.

    Thank you


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