your package is no accident

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is how to get in touch with your life purpose. I believe that this question is such a challenging one simply because we are not conditioned to explore purpose in the way that will  enable us to touch it.  Discerning that particular role requires you to let go of any tendency to analyze your life through your human mind. It requires that you surrender to a faith that your soul knows its purpose here. Beyond that, you need to believe that your soul has the where-with-all to attract whatever is needed to fulfill its purpose. Trust that your soul has been preparing you for who you were meant to be even before your birth. Trust that long before you got to this point, you have been attracting knowledge and skills which will help you when you are ready to begin your true life’s work.

Take a look at your adult life. Consider the jobs that helped to mold your skill sets and the people who came into your life. Might you see that the skills and knowledge you’ve developed so far will complement what you’re really here to do in the most perfect way?

How easy it is for us to shrug off the idea that there could possibly be much meaning or intent behind the unique qualities and characteristics that we possess. Through our human perspective we tend to accept our unique selves as coincidence, rather than explore the idea that there may be a reason why we are the way we are. What if you took a look at yourself in a soulful way? What if you were to look at yourself with an eye for what your soul may have been up to when it attracted all the pieces that make you who you are?

Take a look at pieces of your essence that may provide clues as to what kind of work you perfectly qualified to carry out. Perhaps there is something about your physical presence that people often comment to you about. Perhaps you have a strong presence that seems to capture attention when you walk into a room. Perhaps you are a very creative type who expresses yourself easily through your style of clothing or accessories. Or maybe you have beautiful piercing eyes which easily draw others to you. Think about the tone of your voice, the look of your face, the gestures you use to communicate, and all the parts that make up how you show up in expression.

When you consider that your soul has intent for your life, you must begin to accept the idea that the make-up of who you are is not just an accident. Have confidence that your soul will continue to support you as you surrender to letting your calling have its way. Trust that your soul is not going to leave you high and dry, struggling to force things to come together so that you can do your real life’s work. Remember, this is your soul’s calling. Your spirit is far more powerful than your brain and your muscles will ever be. Let your soul take the lead.

Wishing you an amazing journey,

Susan Hanshaw

2 thoughts on “your package is no accident

  1. I like that saying “pieces of your essence”. Over the past two or three days I have been mulling over who the real me, is. I am more than my name. Many times we tend to introduce ourselves by our names. Is that really the true essence of who we are? Names are labels given to our physical bodies. The true essence of who we are is our soul. We find the real us in our souls. I like names taht truly have meaning, for example, “Mahatma”, the Indian leader means “Great Soul”, “Najoli”, given to me after my grandfather in Western Kenya, means “Warrior”. Great piece! The journey continues!

  2. That’s a great point about names. Perhaps those of us who have not been blessed with soulful names can come up with one that we can awaken to daily as a reminder of who we really are. Thanks so much for sharing.

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