Letting Intuition Lead You

The voice of my intuition paid me a visit today when I wasn’t looking. Thank God I was paying attention. I was in the middle of one of my usual four-mile runs and had stopped to take in the view of the two Bay Area bridges I got from my perch. I had just been thinking about an idea I had for a video series I’ve been wanting to launch before I stopped. It felt like my mind was empty and relaxed as I looked out at the peninsula on the other side of the bay. Then suddenly I noticed that I was hearing a little voice inside of me saying “Yes!” It came across like it was from the mouth of a teenager and accompanied by a high-five gesture. I stopped to consider what was going on and I heard an enthusiastic”yes” a couple more times. I immediately made the link back to the project I had been pondering. It seemed like a no-brainer that my inner voice was telling me that the idea I had was definitely worth pursuing. I shook my head in awe as I reflected on the wonderful mysteries of life that we barely talk about.

I’ve come to give this little voice a lot of credibility. I’ve learned that it is smarter than I am. As I put the pieces of this thought puzzle together it occurred to me that the voice was calling my attention to an insight I’d read earlier that day that struck me. Obviously my inner voice didn’t think I was done considering the idea as much as my thinking mind did.

In the course of blog surfing earlier in the day I had come across an article that spoke to me. In Are You Standing in the Way of Your Financial Abundance?, Ophelia invites us to consider if we might be limiting the abundance that the universe is trying to deliver to us. As I turned around to run back towards my home, I felt like my inner voice had just called me on that one. I had been ready to dismiss my video idea because I thought it had the potential to bring a level of success that some part of my psyche thought was out of my league. Yet I wasn’t even in touch with this until my inner voice provoked me to look at it. And I thought I was a smart girl.

So my inner voice reminded me today of two ideas that I wanted to share with you—

Pay attention to that voice inside of you. It sees through your human weaknesses and knows the greatness you are capable of. Take its hand and let it lead you.

Don’t let your mind limit your abundance. The only difference between you and those whose wealth you admire is their ability to welcome it with open arms.

Thanks for visiting. We’re all in this together, remember?

Wishing you an awesome day.

Susan Hanshaw

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