Tips for Raising Your Vibration

I owe this post to a couple of my fellow inspirational bloggers, Grace from and Clyde from who have tagged me to participate in a game which promotes the sharing of ideas that inspire spiritual and personal growth. This game, which invites the contribution of ideas for raising one’s energetic vibration, is the brainchild of Cardin Routh from OptimistLab.

I’ve been a student of metaphysics for a dozen years now, yet it seems like it has only been in the last couple that I recall having a true open-mindedness about the concept of vibration. How interesting that this coincides with my exit from the corporate world, where I felt like I had to guard my spiritual beliefs in fear that I’d be looked upon like I had two heads. It’s hard to embrace ideas that are not in alignment with your exterior world. My corporate environment was about the energy of selling widgets, not attracting them.

Now that I’ve committed my life to the promotion of spiritual expression, I am very much in touch with this idea that we have control over the level in which our energy vibrates. We choose how bright we enable our lights to shine. How refreshing it is has been in my own spiritual development to come clean, to speak outwardly about the ideas that live in my heart. So I suppose that is my first tip for raising your vibration—

Seek an alignment with your inner and outer worlds. Give your essence an authentic life in which to express itself.

For me that authenticity means striving to give my spirit the priority over my human nature. In dedicating my energies towards raising the vibration or light on this planet, I know that means that every encounter counts, not just the ones where I’m mentoring clients or sitting at my computer writing. I seek to share my real heart with everyone I touch from the grocery store clerk to the laborers I pass on my running route.

Cherish every moment as an opportunity to shine your light.

Raising your vibration comes through the practice of living as a being of energy. I recognize it is my choice to jump out of bed each morning like a machine who showers and puts on make-up and clothes or one who is a spiritual being that is led through the day by a divine purpose.

Your light shines brighter through your focus on being a light.

I’ve come to take my role as a light worker seriously. I believe that I am one of many. And I don’t believe it is a coincidence that we have come to this planet at this particular time in history. How interesting it is that a global climate that is in such dire need for change has been primed in recent decades by the human potential movement. I appreciate the work that those who have come before me have done to lay the foundation for the shift in consciousness that is now unfolding.

You raise your level of vibration by responding to the events of your life from a perspective of spiritual meaning.

How interesting also that this revolution is unfolding at a time where technology has paved the way for light workers to spread their messages throughout the world in this venue we call the internet which can touch millions of people at any given moment.

Sharing your thoughts and beliefs increases their vibration.

I’d like to acknowledge the bloggers on my blogroll for their efforts in raising the vibration of our planet. The more we share at this level, the more our vibration expands. Let there be light!

Thanks for visiting.

In peace and light,

Susan Hanshaw

13 thoughts on “Tips for Raising Your Vibration

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  2. This is a GREAT post, Susan…and a prime example of why I tagged you….THANKS for participating and THANKS for Vibing HIGH!!

  3. Hi Susan,

    Great list! So glad to have you participate.

    I love that you mentioned “responding to the events of your life from a perspective of spiritual meaning.” I think this is such a highly empowering way to look at the world!

    Can’t wait to see who you tag and submit to!

    Cardin Lilly

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  5. Dear Susan,

    I love the synergy of how the Universe works. No coincidence I found myself on your blog today. I too have been on my spiritual journey since the mid-80’s and in the last two years have felt the urgency to align more fully with my spirit and allowing my inner wisdom to be the guiding force in my life rather than my thinking mind. Seeing the gift in the experience rather than viewing it as a problem to be quickly eliminated can be challenging.

    A friend of mine celebrates what she calls, “being messy.” In those moments when she is not at her best, reacting rather than coming from a loving place, she appreciates all the experience offers as a way to grow and raise her vibration.

    I see the strength of energy organizing to bring us all together. I look forward to each new day with eager anticipation and a smile.

    Blessings to you.

  6. Dear Susan

    I love to think of being messy in a broader way. “Being messy” in our stuff with our issues and dramas in full bloom – when we’re not at our best. So often we try to get rid of the discomfort rather than valuing the gifts of the experience.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Have a great night


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  8. Dear Susan,

    Great insights! David Hawkin’s book Power vs. Force map’s out the various vibration levels. I found using crystals and affirmations and EFT can help raise our vibration as well.

    Raising your chi increases your vibration:

    See –

    1 . Magik of Reiki by Christopher Penczak

    2 . Change your Aura change your life by Batrbra Martin

    3. The Cosmic Power of Healing Energy by Judy Christine Copp

    4. Chi Gung L.V. Carnie

    5. The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford

    6. Conscious Loving by Gay Hendricks

    7. Mudras by Hirshi

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