honoring the divine in the law of attraction


Having been a student of metaphysics for a dozen years, the recent media craze around the law of attraction has surprised me.  I am delighted about the awareness it has brought to these powerful creative principles, yet I can’t help noticing that something vital remains missing from public discussion.  There lacks an acknowledgment of what the creative process is really all about on a deep level.  And there is a significant disconnect there. 

 We can be trained how to organize our thoughts and harness our energy to produce a desired result, yet at that level we’re just acting like programmed machines executing instructions.  What if we were to bring our hearts in and look at it from a deeper level?  What if we were to ask ourselves questions like, “Where did this desire come from?” or “Why do I have this yearning and what am I supposed to do with it?”  From this perspective we acknowledge that there is an energy source that flows through us.  This is where our loving desires stem from.  It’s not all about you or me.  The buck doesn’t start and stop with us.  We are extensions of the creative flow of life.  And we share with this flow our deepest desires because they have come to us from this flow.

I bring this up because I keep hearing this universal law being promoted like a magic technique to use to get what you want.  Yet there’s no conscious in creativity without purpose.  Instead we have the opportunity to look at our desires as clues to what the creative flow wants to express through us, to acknowledge the divine that lives within each of us.  It’s from this place that we honor and respect this power and put it to use with divine intention.  Here we make a shift from being machines in production mode to human spirits seeking to honor their divine expression.  There is great faith to be found in the law of attraction when you accept it in a divine way.  And when we look at ourselves as divine expression, we use our power in a responsible way.

One thought on “honoring the divine in the law of attraction

  1. Susan,

    This is by far your most inspirational work and easily the most important message that people need to “get.” I felt compelled to write because within my own life I have experienced the “disconnect.” It is that feeling that although my bank account looks healthy, my career path a hop skip and a jump, my 401K a jauggernaut I still felt that the laws of attraction started and ended with me-me-me-me-me. . .

    A life threatening family illness, the death of a “forever” brother, and my spiritual awakening were the factors in my ability to now understand the ideas of abundance and a giving universe. Within my own heart, I had to understand that we are all connected; and it was this connection to others and my ability to honor the “connection” that brought to me the inner peace I so desperately was missing. . .

    The last piece that brings divinity into my existence is the love of a good woman. I have been blessed with a new “friend” who I love very much. She is wonderful and a person I am sure you would like to meet. Through this “connection” I feel I now truly relate to myself and my love as divine expressions with the power to touch the hearts of all those around us. . .

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