making spirit sexy

“Believing that what your physical eyes cannot see does not exist
leads to a denial of spiritual sight.” — A Course in Miracles

I recently asked the founder of a non-profit if there was a turning point in her life which moved her to start her organization which provides food for people with life-threatening illnesses. She told me that while caring for her dying mother with cancer, she felt a sense of peace and love from this transitional process that left her convinced that there is so much more to life that what we can see and touch. She shared with me how this experience has changed how she approaches her life.

As someone who shares this belief, I know how much courage and comfort can be found in believing that there is a supportive energy that flows through all of life that we cannot see, touch, hear or smell. Beyond believing that the energy exists, consider that this energy is available to you personally in the constant form of guidance, strength and supply for all your needs. By denying the existence of this spiritual energy, you enable yourself to drift in and out of a perpetual state of fear as you keep looking for external proof that everything is on track and okay.

Nearly two years ago I said good-bye to a successful 20-year corporate career. When I share this story almost always what I hear is some comment about the courage involved. While I don’t deny that it took courage, my courage is totally a product of my trust in this spiritual energy. It wasn’t my conscious choice to lose interest in a career that provided me with security and comfort on many levels. Instead what happened was that I surrendered to the energy that was pulling me in a different direction. I figured that if it was pulling me so strongly, it must be leading me to a place I need to go and ultimately, one that would take good care of me.

I would be lying if I said that it has been an easy transition because it hasn’t. Yet as I look back on the times that have been the tough ones, they’re the days where my focus was on fear and lack. When I stay focused on my belief that somehow the opportunities I need will make their way to me even if I don’t know exactly how, I stay relaxed, at peace and able to do what I am here to do.

I do believe that instinctively most of us believe there is a spiritual side to life, yet it is one we tend to compartmentalize. Many of us turn that light off until it’s time to pray for a loved one’s recovery or pull ourselves out of a deep dark hole. Yet what if we were to embrace the spiritual side of life; to make it fashionable or maybe even sexy for spirit to be the center of our lives rather than the pursuit of the dollar? I can only think there would be a whole lot more peace in this world.

2 thoughts on “making spirit sexy

  1. Hello,

    Nice to come across this page having recently just sold my advertising agency to follow a spiritual path. I live in Sydney Australia and was looking for like minded people I could converse with.

    I came across a course in miracles after a barrage of similar themed books in my darkest hour and have followed path ever since. I have no idea why I’m doing this but am feeling drawn to do it. That’s good enough for me right now as daunting as it seems.

    Anyway, I’m still contemplating my next move but helping people find their purpose is something I’m definitely interested in.


  2. Hello Dale,

    Congratulations on making the move to follow the spiritual path. I left a 20-year marketing career two years ago to do the same thing. There’s nothing like following your heart as it always takes us where we’re supposed to go.

    Best wishes to you on the journey.


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