the man in the mirror

www.sanctuaryforchange.comI got a chuckle from a friend yesterday. This is a friend who is incredibly funny and warm. I’ve watched him make friends with strangers within minutes of meeting them. My friend is a person who loves to talk. It’s no secret. I tell him to his face that I often can’t get a word in edgewise. I am not exaggerating.

My friend has recently begun to do a bit of public speaking. Yesterday he spoke for several minutes to a group of 350 people. We happened to talk on the phone afterwards and he told me how excited he was because he thinks he’s found his calling—public speaking. He felt so alive from the experience. I couldn’t help myself. The word “duh!” came out of my mouth as I laughed. I’m close enough with this friend to feel comfortable teasing him. I reminded him about his appetite for talking and went on to explain how he’d just shown me a perfect example of how our calling can be discovered simply by looking closely at how we naturally show up in life. Discovering purpose is not a mental exercise. It’s looking at all the pieces of what makes you who you are from a sense of purpose. Like my friend, sometimes it can be so obvious and we’re so close to it, that we don’t even think to consider it. So try asking your friends what they think your calling is and see if it resonates.

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