intuition exercises, part 2

How can you begin to strengthen your intuition?  By playing simple games with yourself to practice.  For example, try guessing:

  • who is behind the email that has just arrived in your inbox. 
  • who is calling when the phone rings.
  • what color one of your co-workers will be wearing to work.  
  • the contents in your postal mailbox as you drive home.  
  • the exact time when you walk by a clock. 
  • whether a green light will turn yellow before you reach it. 

Create your own fun games to exercise your intuitive muscle.  I guarantee that with consistent practice, you will be amazed at the accuracy of your instinct.

Once you develop this kind of foundation you will become more aware when you are having a gut feeling about something.  Then your job will become learning to take action on your feelings.  If you are like many of us, you will begin to start noticing that you are having a gut reaction to something.  This reaction could be just quickly enough for it to register or a thought that stayed with you.  For whatever reason, you may choose to put your gut reaction aside and proceed in another direction.  Then, somewhere down the line this decision may blow up in your face.  You will remember the gut reaction you had about it.  You then remind yourself that you should have followed your instinct.  These are the perfect lessons you will experience to prove the wisdom of your own knowledge.  You may go through experiences like this many times before you become completely motivated to go with your gut.  That’s okay.  Trust takes time.  What’s important is that you begin to practice so that you can put this power to work for you.

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