signs, signs, everywhere are signs 

Yesterday had the makings for a very frustrating day.  Two coaching clients canceled their morning sessions and my first appointment of the day was a total no show.  My morning had suddenly become so different than I expected.  So I sent a text message to a friend to ask out loud what the universe may have been trying to tell me.

My friend called me back and suggested that perhaps the message was that I should consider a 24-hour cancellation policy to inspire greater motivation to honor my time.  We also discussed my confirming coaching appointments just like I do business meetings.  Certainly these are valid practical ideas to consider, yet I had a strong sense that my morning commitments had fallen apart for another reason.  Ironically, it gave me the time to focus on a promotional project that I felt a sense of urgency about.

I shared this experience with a client this morning as we talked about her desire to get in touch with her life’s purpose.  She knows that there is something that she is here to do, yet like many people she hasn’t yet put her finger on it.  I suggested that she think of purpose as being a divine assignment.  None of us chooses our purpose on our own.  This means that we are led to our purpose through divine energy, which flows through every incident at every second.  It’s just like gravity.  It doesn’t work just the 8 to 5 shift.

Learning to look at the events of our lives as having purpose makes way for a tremendously positive shift to occur in how we experience life.  First, if we can surrender in trust that whatever is unfolding is meant to lead us to our higher good, we can let go of getting all bent out of shape when things don’t go the way we wanted or planned.  Secondly, if we expect that there is guidance behind all that is happening, we can more easily see the signs because we are looking for them in an expectant state.  You won’t see them if you don’t believe they are there.

I look at my life through eyes of splendor as I recognize the role that divine energy has played.  I “stumbled across” the home I’ve loved for ten years, my two sister cats who are the perfect pets for me, my most significant mentor and my opportunity last week to be on national radio.  I was not in control of any of these.  There’s a lot of peace and joy to be found in knowing that the divine is working overtime for us.  The least we can do is look for the signs being given to us in this labor of love.

4 thoughts on “signs, signs, everywhere are signs

  1. Ms Hanshaw,

    I too look at my life through “eyes of spendor” and what I see are infinite possibilities. You see I have recently fallen in love with a spectacular woman; she is the kind of woman that changes a man’s life. Due to this new love in my life, do you think I am possibly looking at things through “rose colored glasses” ?

    I wish to see the “signs” the universe is bestowing upon me clearly. . . Thank you for your opinion. . .


  2. I agree that everything happens for a reason and that when we’re ready, we’ll “stumble on” those things which are really meant for us. I have yet to find my dream home, though it could be just around the corner. I have met individuals who have changed my life in unexpected places, like a public bus in passing in a foreign country. I located a literary agent in that same city with a similar last name to a man who changed my life. I believe in synchronicity rather than coincidence. I also think it’s great when you evolve to see blessings in everything that happens to you rather than permit yourself to get bogged down with negative thoughts. After all self-doubt begins inside just like positive thinking. Since we have the choice, it only makes sense to attract people, situations and opportunities that enrich us. Attitude is everything. It determines how you choose to perceive your circumstances.

  3. OJ,

    Looking at life through the eyes of love is our most natural state for it is through love that we are all connected. I would encourage you to pay attention to and trust your instincts and read the signs you see accordingly.

    Best wishes to you,

  4. Hi, Susan and thanks for commenting over at my place!!! This is a wonderful blog full of such great information…I’m so glad to find you! 🙂

    Isn’t amazing what just shifting our perspective on something will do?? When I remind myself that everything in my life is unfolding just perfectly and right on time, it helps even those ‘challenging’ times to take on new meaning…You’re so right when you say finding “purpose” in an event can really cause a shift in our thinking…and our feelings!

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