love in an unvalentine day

I walked into a bank yesterday and was surprised by how festively decorated the lobby was in observance of Valentine’s Day.  There were hearts and bunches of pink, red and white balloons everywhere.  The teller that waited on me wore a red sweater with a colorful heart pin.  As I walked out of there in my black running gear I wondered who was behind all this festivity.  I wondered what had inspired this branch to go all out in its promotion of the love day.

I’d guess you’d say that I am at the other end of the spectrum.  I like to think that I celebrate the spirit of love everyday and feel more authentic by boycotting the holiday.  For me it is like going to church on Sundays. I live my spirituality every day and don’t feel the need to gather in a sacred space with others to feel connected with the divine.  I am aware that connection is with me constantly.

And so it is with love.  We were created from the love of divine energy.  If love is behind all of creation, love is really all that exists.  It surrounds us and flows through us every moment of every day. We just need to tune into it in our hearts and minds and believe in the supportive goodness of this love.  When we recognize that as creations of this divine energy, we are co-creators of life, we ignite the power within us to do, be, have or accomplish anything we desire.  And that is some pretty powerful stuff.  Have you thought about how this love wishes to express itself through you?

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