what are you willing to believe?


A friend asked me offline to clarify something I made reference to in yesterday’s article, trusting your gut. Since my intention with this space is not simply to have a voice, but to make a difference, my friend’s feedback helped me to see how I can be more clear to make sure that my message comes across.

I mentioned yesterday about a sense I have about the presence of divine male energy supporting me this week. My awareness of it came from my meditation time on Sunday. While there are many forms of meditation, mine is a practice which enables me to tune in to the divine wisdom through which we are all connected. By this I mean that I believe that we are all connected by spiritual energy, which is essentially what we are. The fact that we are expressing ourselves in physical form right now tends to muddy this connection.

Tuning in to divine wisdom first requires that we believe it is there. Then we must believe that we can access it. We must also believe that this wisdom is here for us personally and that it has valuable guidance to deliver. It’s sort of like inheriting a board of directors. We can call on them for only the major decisions or we can choose to seek their leadership for ongoing matters. I happen to choose the latter. It gives me a sense of team. I’m not walking around thinking that I’m in this all on my own. The team keeps me tied to a sense of purpose.

Sunday’s meditation made way for a strong connection with my divine team. While I sat in a quiet state of trust, I felt connected to an energy that was communicating with me in a way I could understand. It was like having a dialog with trusted friends, not with words but through feelings. In the past I used to question whether I was just making up the whole scene, yet that is where the trust comes in. I now trust that when I tune out my mind and listen to my heart, there is information there that I should listen to.

Receiving guidance in meditation is not something new to me. What feels different for me this week is that the connection to this divine energy has stayed. It feels a part of my existence. I feel a higher power energy surrounding me. I also feel like there is a divine bodyguard that is clutching my right shoulder, protecting me and making sure that I stay on the right path.

When I think about this imagery and the messages I am getting, it resonates perfectly with where I am this week. In fact, it makes such sense that I could shrug it off as being too perfect to be credible and tell myself I am insane for believing in this stuff. But you know what? I know I didn’t make up what I am feeling. And there is a lot of strength and support to be found in believing it is real. So I am going with it. It works for me.

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