spirituality in a nutshell


As a life coach I have been struggling with how to bring spirituality into my practice without alienating people.  Yet spirituality is a mindset, a way of viewing and responding to life.  I’ve come to recognize that it’s not really necessary to talk to clients about the label of my mindset.  Instead I can simply focus on employing its theories to be effective in easing their challenges.

So what theories am I talking about?  In his bestselling book, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, Wayne Dyer describes spirit as being the invisible energy that is the source and sustenance behind all of life and that every issue can be solved by accessing this power.  This is a fundamental teaching of A Course in Miracles, that we are all connected through the energy from which we were created and as extensions of this energy, we have all inherited access to its power.

Most of the people who come to me for coaching don’t arrive seeing their issues from a spiritual perspective.  That’s because our culture hasn’t quite embraced the spiritual side of life.  We’ve been conditioned to look at ourselves as separate bodies whose life experiences are made up of millions of random events that have no deeper meaning than what lies on the surface.  Yet when we begin to view life from a spiritual perspective, we acknowledge there is spiritual energy behind what is happening and accept that it has meaning and purpose.  By looking at our lives as if whatever is unfolding has a deeper meaning, we recognize that we are being divinely directed.  Rather than constantly use our intellect to drive our lives, we can surrender to the wisdom that lies inside of us.

One of the most common issues with clients who come to me is the desire to travel down a new career path, one that will provide them with a greater level of satisfaction and passion.  They express their frustration at how hard it is to figure out what exactly the new career might be.   We derive satisfaction and passion when we are aligned with our heart, the spiritual center within our body.  So rather than look to external resources to find one’s true path, I invite clients to look inside for the answers because they are all there.  It’s like being a detective looking for clues.

I find it very interesting that every one of us is unique in talents, skills and attributes.  Might there be a reason for this?  Might the intention behind our creation be that we use our unique packages to be of service to the world in the way that only we can?  As we begin to view our lives as having purpose, it becomes much easier to pick up the clues and run with them.

You will experience a new level of passion and sense of purpose when you give your existence credibility.  It’s the difference between jumping out of bed with a focus on how you can express your unique gifts in a way that is of service versus operating in machine mode with an eye just to get through the minutia of the day.  Like any new habit, this shift probably won’t occur overnight, yet you can begin by acknowledging that you are an extension of the creative energy behind all of life.  Then look at the package of who you are and have some fun with imagining what this energy had in mind when you were created.

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