why this blog?


Have you ever felt an insight about something in the depths of your being that you know you didn’t conjure up yourself?  That perhaps that insight is about something that you feel you are supposed to do or be, yet you can’t remember having consciously chosen the assignment?  That’s exactly why I am coming out with this blog.  Slowly but surely I have been feeling pulled to share some understandings that have come to me that promote inner peace and our vast human potential.  The timing feels right.  We’ve evolved as a society that throws the word “spiritual” around.  Yet we talk about it so lightly that it is as if it were a food preference.  Why is it that we let ourselves be more educated about the journey to the Super Bowl than the powers of the universe?

Nearly twelve years ago I was hijacked onto a spiritual path when my then husband abruptly left me for another woman.  In one evening a bomb seemed to blow my life into pieces and I was left with the task of putting it back together.  I was in so much pain that I didn’t know how I would make it through the early days.  I kept asking myself why it happened to me.  And now I know.  In order for me to be doing the work I now do, I had to experience the journey.  I had to be shown how much peace can be found through a strong belief is a divine energy that knows more than I do about what is best for me.  I had to have my heart hurt badly so that I can feel compassion for others.  I had to be given reasons to experiment with my spiritual power in order to believe in it myself.

Twenty months ago I said good-bye to a successful 20-year corporate marketing career.  The money was good yet it no longer fit who I had become.  I had grown to recognize that there is a purpose behind why I am here.  As much as I wanted to hold onto my paycheck, I could no longer live with myself knowing that I was not doing what I am here to do.  So I quit.  I figured that if I show up for the role I am supposed to play in this grand scheme of life, the universe will take care of me just fine.

I am a certified spiritual counselor and life coach now.  I absolutely love my work.  It’s an extension of who I am naturally.  I can’t tell you how many times I shake my head in gratitude for being able to do what I am doing.  It is my soul’s work.  Yet I needed to come to certain understandings about the spiritual side of life before I could get to where I am today.  Somehow I feel called here to translate these understandings in a way the average person can relate to and perhaps even have some fun with.  So why do I feel called to talk about spirituality?  Because everything behind life is spiritual, whether we open our eyes or choose to remain blind to it.  If we all recognized what wisdom, power and peace can be received by accessing the spirit that flows through all of life, the topic would be far more popular than the football playoffs.  So I invite you to join in, comment or ask questions so that more and more of us can turn up the spiritual light on this planet.  After all, it is pretty dark around here right now.

3 thoughts on “why this blog?

  1. Good luck with your new role. I am glad you are doing something you like. Lot of my readers keep asking me to recommend for life coach. You can find them in my comments column.

    May be you can help them as i don’t take private lessons.

    Good to know your blog.

  2. I would like to express my gratitude towards Susan for sharing and showing mentorship in following one’s passion and calling in life.

    I took a class from Susan several months ago and was delighted at how our experience resonants. My recent findings of her potential success has filled me with joy and hope.

    One must let go, sometimes, in order to get to a place in ones life where magic begins ….. It is especially difficult when loved ones , friends and the rest of your support structure does not comprehend the inner transformation. They see the outward “ashes” and not the inner glow of an “emerging rising phoenix”, that negativity is one of the biggest challenge for me since one becomes very fragile during the metamorphosis phase.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful comment, Stephen. I remember your presence in that class. I heartily agree with your statement about the significance of letting go. We cannot travel down two paths at the same time so at some moment, we must take our foot off the comfortable road to help support the one on the new path. The strength to do so is almost always found within.

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