no coincidences 

Last night I listened on the phone as a friend opened up his heart about the voice message he had received from a woman who broke his heart a year ago.  It had been many months since they had any communication and there she was reaching out to him out of the blue.  All of the feelings he had over her and the heartbreak had come rushing back.  He was in turmoil.  I sat there on the other end of the phone just listening while he talked about what had come up for him.  I sensed him growing less upset as he let his feelings out.

I found it interesting that another former lover had contacted him just two days prior.  He hadn’t talked to this woman in months either.  That conversation had brought up old issues as well.  It seemed pretty clear to me what was going on yet when I hinted to him, he didn’t seem to get it.  That’s because I was looking at the situation from the perspective that there was divine energy behind what was unfolding here.  I didn’t believe the two calls were random incidences or coincidences.  I believe they had come to him flowing through the energy of spirit.

You see, my friend is about three weeks into a budding relationship with a new woman.  He adores her as a friend and feels that wonderful chemistry, yet he doesn’t want to jump in and declare his commitment to a romantic relationship until he gets to know her more.  He’s told me how different this new woman is in her inner beauty and emotional strength and it is clear that he sees her as strong potential for a romantic partner.  There they were, cruising rather smoothly building a fun friendship and then he gets hit with these two phone calls.  Hello!

Since he didn’t get my hints I tell him more directly about my theory.  Both these women had engaged with him in a way that didn’t treat his heart gently.  One kept changing her mind about whether or not she wanted him in her life.  The other was consistently verbally hurtful.  Here he was with this new woman who he described as being gentle.  For whatever reason, it seemed to me that the universe was inviting him to look closely at the dynamics of the various relationships and perhaps come to some understandings.  By the end of our conversation he did consider that there could have been a divine purpose behind the timing of these two calls.  And I expect he did some deeper thinking into the night.

So what is the benefit of recognizing the divine influence behind these two emotionally rattling phone calls?  There is great peace to be found in believing that we are always under the graceful care of the universe and that what may feel hurtful in the moment may actually be a loving nudge that something better is on the horizon.  Rather than looking at the black and white of what is in front of us now, remember that life is unfolding through divine energy.  This means that everything is connected.  There is always a message or purpose behind what happens.  So when things don’t go the way you want them to, consider what may be going on at a deeper level.  When you can surrender to the idea that everything leads us to our higher good, life becomes a much more peaceful adventure.

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