Does Money Define Success?

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Yesterday I took my place alongside thousands of other spectators who had gathered to watch the Blue Angels roar through the picturesque San Francisco skyline. The  jets flew across the bay, giving us a quick glimpse of their spectacular stunts before they were grounded due to fog conditions. Yet it wasn’t the aborted show that sent me away feeling disappointed; it was a conversation that took place in the crowd that I allowed to get me down.

Four and a half years ago I left a high-paying job because I had come to painfully recognize that I was only in it for the money. I’ve started a new business since then that has great potential, yet it is only now beginning to take off. My life lately has not exactly been a cakewalk financially as I continue to invest in my new venture.

What Does Money Mean?

I am not normally an envious person, so it took me some soul-searching to uncover why the couple behind me in yesterday’s crowd got to me when I heard them talking about the multiple homes they owned. I had let myself fall into the trap of valuing money as the gauge for success. As I listened to them discuss how they were currently looking at buying another home, I began to ask myself if I had been a fool to let go of my big paycheck, as if the amount of money you have is a determination of how wise you are.

True Success in Life

One question that always gets me back on track is asking myself what would make me feel good about my life when I reach its end. It is easy to forget that it is a series of little things that build a lifetime, not one accomplishment that defines us. My Blue Angels experience reminded me to honor how I want to be remembered, and to measure my success accordingly.

6 thoughts on “Does Money Define Success?

  1. Did you stop to wonder why these people found it necessary to even have the discussion while supposedly enjoying themselves at what should have been their leisure time? Some are into the materialistic things primarily for egotistical purposes that are usually light years away from true happiness. Susan, I can tell you have found happiness just by reading some your posts and comments. Don’t let others’ false facade make you doubt anything whatsoever!

  2. Truly pure thoughts and a pure spirit!

    Owning your own life vs a Money-driven life is unattainable for so many because of the tight hold that Money has over them. It’s barely an afterthought for most in the U.S., but you are one of the thoughtful, true to self and few.

    Define your Money or Money will Define You and define you most happily. Your thoughts are very timely as I’m writing that aspect of my life story now. I’ll post it on my blog when the quality is Grade A…

    It’s all good and keep living YOUR dreams!

    -BoogaChai a.k.a. David Topazian

    • Thank you, David, for your comments. It’s always great to hear from people who are walking the same path AND you’ve led me to revisit thoughts that represent my true feelings. Just like rereading old journal entries, being led to old blog articles shows me the tapestry that has woven my thoughts. Thank you!

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