I Can: The Secret to the Life You Want

Worry is nothing more than holding mental pictures of things you do not want.

–from I Can, by Ben Sweetland

I found this passage yesterday in the very first self-help book I ever bought. I can’t remember when or where I got my copy of I Can. All I know is that it is the 1978 edition of the book originally copyrighted in 1953.

The memory of this book came to me as I was thinking about my dreams for my work life and fighting the doubts that were darting through my mind. It was as if I was wrestling with what I knew I believed about my own potential and possibilities intellectually versus the doubtful thinking that seems to come so naturally. I really do believe I can do or be anything. But why does it have to be so hard fighting off the demons trying to tell me otherwise?

Can you relate?

10 thoughts on “I Can: The Secret to the Life You Want

  1. Hi Susan

    i loved the quote about worry, it’s so true.

    i think worry is what weighs us down and keeps us from freeing the energy we all have inside of us. negative energy means less energy, positive energy means expanded energy which touches more of the people we need to realise our dreams.

  2. Hi Susan,

    I found my way here via Malcolm’s Round Table — and am glad I did. I hope to introduce myself to some of the folks on your Blogroll, too. Please stop by and visit me when you have the chance. My blog is titled Be Whole Now; I think you’ll find resonance there.

    Thanks for being,


  3. Along with your comment above, I remember the oft-repeated line in Frank Herbert’s “Dune”: fear is a mind killer.

    Kabbalists focus on the need for certainty, the absolute belief that the intended situation will come to pass.

    The great paradox, when moving from intellectual acceptance of such truths to the emotional acceptance of them is believing that something which has always failed in the past will not succeed. I like the notion of “I Can.”


  4. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for introducing yourself and your blog. I particularly love this statement you make in your mission—

    “…do what you can to fill the gap between your inner self and the persona you present to the world…”

    Thanks for everything you are doing.


  5. The quote is true, we always bring to us the things that we are focusing by thinking. It’s not easy to clear off doubts, and to get them off is an uphill task. Anyway, it will get easier than before if we keep the determination in conquering the thoughts. It’s one of the hardest things to do yet to have got through it, it’s the best accomplishment and holds the secret towards great life.

  6. Dear Susan,

    Thank You for leaving your valuable comment on my blog.

    I can definitely relate to this post. Its so true, that we all know we have to be positive and we all know what are our strengths are but still we tend to doubt our strengths and building up on that doubt that just stops us from realizing our own dreams and potential.

    Keep Writing and sharing your thoughts


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