How to Find Your Purpose

You cannot discover your purpose unless you think you can.

Try to let go of the idea that discovering your purpose has to be hard. Replace it with the idea that discovering your purpose is simply a matter of tuning in and paying attention to who you are, what you love and what is important to you.

Tip: Pay attention to activities that give you tremendous joy.

Have you ever noticed how happy you are when you are doing what you really enjoy? Take a minute to think about what it is that really makes you feel alive.

Is there something that, when you’ve just finished spending some time doing it, you get so conscious of the joy it’s brought you that you tell yourself that you’ve just got to find more time to do it?

Is there something that you lose yourself in, that there never seems to be enough time to get your fill?

Is there some wild hair idea that floats in your mind that just won’t go away?

People have shared this thought with me about teaching children to play tennis, providing foster care for abandoned dogs, making furniture for the home, and providing deep sea fishing excursions for stressed executives. The list goes on and on.

Tip: Don’t judge or try to measure the value of what your heart wants to do. Just listen.

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