Acknowledging Your Divine Energy

There is no mistaking the fact that no living human being thoroughly understands this energy that we call the Divine. It’s a mystery of life that most of us acknowledge plays a significant role in the creation of life, yet it is a power that we tend to ignore in our day-to-day existence. Most of us tend to disregard this power because we see it as something outside of ourselves. Yet if we look closely at what we have been able to discern about Divine energy, we can begin to understand that it is a powerful force that we can work with to influence and shape our lives.

Divine energy is the essence behind all of life. While we may consider that all of creation stems from Divine energy, we commonly attach the relationship between Divine energy and life creation to a historical or religious framework that we disassociate as having pertinence in our everyday lives. It’s as though unconsciously, we’ve accepted the belief that the evolution of time has diluted the energy through which our earliest of ancestors were created from.

We may call ourselves children of the Divine, yet many of us fail to appreciate what that means from a practical level. We often forget that we are expressions of Divine energy, that we are Divine creators in our own right and that we create through our thoughts. Looking at the relationship between Divine energy and thought from this perspective provides a deeper ground from which you can employ the Law of Attraction.

If there is something that you wish to create in your life, but find yourself falling down for whatever reason, remind yourself that you are an expression of this God energy. Do you really believe that the power of God is greater than your obstacles? Then acknowledge that power within you and let it get to work.

2 thoughts on “Acknowledging Your Divine Energy

  1. Hi Lorraine,

    Thanks for the invitation for me to ponder.

    Like you, I do want to consider my responses authentically. Why does it seem easier to come up with what I’d do if I won the lottery?

    Stay tuned as I meditate on this.


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