Allowing Synchronicity to Guide You


Synchronicity is a concept which describes a meaningful coincidence that was first introduced by Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung in 1952. Jung believed that many events that we determine as coincidences are not merely products of chance, but experiences that are produced as a result of what he coined the collective unconscious, the governing dynamic that runs throughout the entire human experience. Simply put, synchronicity is an expression of wisdom spoken from the voice of the collective universe.

I was first introduced to the idea of synchronicity about a dozen years ago. I thought it was very cool when those meaningful coincidences showed their faces in my life, and enabled me to pull my new word out of my back pocket and put it to good use. At the time, though, I treated synchronicity as if it were a concept from a fairy tale that was allowed to touch my life only as frequently as I might expect magic to occur. A couple of phone calls that came to me last week showed me how much weight I now place on these kinds of events and how much I allow them to guide my way.

How do you let synchronicity guide you?

  1. Approach life from the perspective that everything happens for a reason. Note that I said everything. Remember that life is not just about the big things. There is meaning behind even the tiniest of details. I think of this point like gravity. It doesn’t just occur at certain times in certain places. It’s everywhere all the time.
  2. Consider that the wisdom of the universe is much greater than your own mind. Think of events that unfold in your life as advice from the universe. Don’t think of the unsolicited or even painful advice as having less value than direction you might have been praying for.
  3. Trust that the universe is like a loving, supportive parent who only wants the best for you. In this spirit, you can learn to trust that whatever unfolds is meant to bring you to a better place, even if where you are now feels darn comfortable.
  4. Think of the energy of synchronicity like the current of water flowing in a river. How much easier it is to surrender to the flow of the current than to fight against it to go in a direction where you are not naturally being led.

I would love to hear any stories you’d like to share about synchronicity in your life. If you’ll allow me to post them here, you can help others to gain trust for themselves through what you’ve seen in your own life.

Thank you for sharing your time here. May you experience delightful synchronicity this week!

My best to you,


Susan Hanshaw
Sanctuary for Change

10 thoughts on “Allowing Synchronicity to Guide You

  1. I like your advice. I’ve been paying attention to synchronicity thinkers/writers who discuss the connection to ‘flow’ and to intuition – which I intuit are a key part of the mystery! heh

    My synchronicity tale is linked to above – it has roots in the San Fran/bay area and was enough to finally blow me out of my entrenched fundamentalist-rationalist worldview for good.

    I still hjave trouble with the faith/trust thing – sure, it’s easier to go with the flow – but how can I know that flow isn’t heading toward the brink of a rocky waterfall? But then I remember that reason won’t help with that either, and that intuition is the best tool I have for navigating this reality.

    “You live in a world which is inexplicable, and you yourself are inexplicable, yet you must find a way to worm your way through that incredible puzzle. That is magic. Magic is the art of handling situations which in principle you cannot explain.” – Heinz von Foerster

  2. Max,

    Thank you for sharing your amazing tale of synchronicity. I hope you don’t mind that I display your URL here so that others can also take it in.

    Getting a grip on the faith/trust thing is certainly not an overnight acquisition. I’ve discovered that this shift will occur once we develop the belief that our hearts and intuition/inner voice are more credible sources of knowledge for what is right for us than our analytical minds. It is here that we stop thinking that we risk being led astray if we don’t follow the direction of our rational minds.

    To your journey and the unfolding story of the teapots…


  3. I’m intrigued by the whole notion of synchronicity. I was made aware of Jung’s theory through a now former boyfriend by way of explaining why our relationship was over – after having ignored me for a matter of months (and then telling me about his new girlfirend he had met). The new girl was at univeristy with him and they hated each other as students. He thinks that a chance meeting at a party of a mutual friend signified that they should get together as it was “synchronicity”. He also had a serious car accident in Jan 08 which made him take stock of his life.

    I’m unsure as to what I should believe? On the one hand, it seems that synchronicity is merely a string of coincidences that are identified with hindsight. Bearing this in mind, it is easy to assume that certain events are connected when you look back at the past. How much of it is people merely searching for hidden meanings, as suggested by Freud?


  4. B,

    Thanks for visiting. You ask a good question. I’m not up on Freud’s theory, so I can only respond from my own understandings. I see synchronicity as an energy that runs through all of life. I believe that all events are connected, not just certain ones. I look at synchronicity similarly to the law of gravity. It’s not just in certain places at certain times. It’s everywhere all the time.


  5. Susan, I just looked at a preview of one of your books and was really impressed with the writing style, wisdom and general layout.

    Anyhow, about the Freud thing, both he and Jung cautioned against actively looking for synchronicity. Like the wonderful teapot example you linked to, it just happens.

    My feeling is that some people may get into a sort of neurotic cycle where everything they see is an alleged ‘sign’ for some biased idea that they have. But this is very different from just dispassionately observing connections as they happen.

    And I agree that synchronicity doesn’t always have to be ‘big.’ I like your gravity analogy. Perhaps the more sensitive we become the more we’re able to discern connections throughout God’s creation.

    The paranormal writer Colin Wilson believed that a healthy mind, not an unhealthy one, lives in constant awareness of synchronicity.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Michael,

    Thanks for your great contribution. I can see the subtle difference between looking for synchronicities versus recognizing them as or after they occur. It is the difference between forcing them versus allowing them to flow.

    Take care,

  7. Hello, Hello,
    I am new to synchronicities, or so I thought, looking back over my life time (I am 62). The examples and explanations given on your page, have become answers to my questions as well as validations to give me a peace of mind, that I wasn’t “crazy” after all. I thank you for that.

    I am comfortable now saying I have had all kinds of synchronicities in my lifetime, some have saved my life others have brought me joy and some brought my husband back from VietNam. The “right” people or circumstance becoming available for all these accomplishments.

    I have always believed that there is a high power that guides us, as one of your readers put it,” to trust that power is a great leap of faith” and maybe it is now my time to take that leap for the rest of my life.

    Thank you for stepping out and writing in a way all can understand, your site has helped tremendously. It is so nice to know we are not alone so to speak…. Terri

    • Hello Terri,
      I am so happy to hear that my article made sense and helped you in some way. I have found that trusting in the power behind life brings me great peace, especially when I am in the midst of an external situation that doesn’t feel very good.

      Thanks for taking the time to write and share.

      Best wishes to you,

  8. Hiya, Susan…

    For the longest time, there was this nebulous awareness I had of such occurrence in my life…but I had no label for it. For such a long period, I chalked these things up to being matters of ‘chance.’

    With the progression and the amplification of my awareness of a Higher Power’s being actively involved in my life, movement has happened which has progressed beyond mere possiblity and this movement has caused me to recognize ‘synchronicity’ as evidence that such a set of related ocurrences exists. That such evidence is now manifest as a ‘directed’ punctuation of sorts in my life…as though what I’ve chosen to call my Higher Power – my Creator is saying: ‘See? I’m showing you that this happened to further emphasize this, to further emphasize this, etc.’

    It is strong personal evidence leading to knowledge of my being connected to that ‘collective unconsciousness’ spoken of by many others over time, [for me] starting with Dr. Jung.

    No…I am incapable of looking for these ‘coincidences’ to occur prior to their execution (my personality has no ‘on’ switch for this) …I see them and their connection only AFTER they occur – though it can be argued that hindsight is [indeed] 20×20.

    It so explains to my inadequate mind that which resonates in my soul, my spirit – that these things do in fact occur – that there is nothing odd about them – that they are simply as they should be!

    I so love the sensation I experience without effort or choice when this phenomenon occurs!! What a pleasant thing it is for me to sense in my gut a connection to all things related. There is such satisfaction when everything lines up to buffer – to support all that has ensued from within a given upline, born from that specific, original thought or occurence!

    And now there is not only a name; synchronicity but there are definitions for it. That is to me, a complete synchronicity in and of itself!



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