law of attraction: letting heart have a say

“I am responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience, and
I decide upon the goal I would achieve.
And everything that seems to happen to me
I ask for, and receive as I have asked.”

A Course in Miracles

I was pondering over these lines today while I was sitting outside in the luscious warmth of the late spring California sunshine. Gazing about my waterfront surroundings, it occurred to me that there was something I might learn about my own manifestation in these words.

I am often in awe of the jewel of a home I literally stumbled across ten years ago. My house is nothing fancy yet its foundation sits on a peaceful waterfront peninsula which is home to waterfowl, palm trees and boats of all kinds. As I sat out on my deck this morning thinking about these lines from A Course in Miracles, it caused me to wonder exactly how I had come to manifest such an amazing place to hang my hat. Ten years ago was a long way back in my rear view mirror, as my boyfriend Dean would say. I was a very different person at that time. My focus was on pushing forward in my corporate status and bringing home increasing amounts of money. My consciousness was a long ways away from seeing my home as a haven for inspirational writing. It was a dream that lived inside of me, yet one my ego never thought I’d have the guts to pursue.

When I was in the midst of writing my first book, Unleashing Your Soul, I spent a lot of time editing outside on my deck. I thought how perfect it was that I had this serene spot in which to do the work of my heart. Now two years later as I am more deeply committed to my mission, I ask myself, just how did I ask for this? And when?

Never once did I visualize living by the water. My optimistic nature held the expectation that I’d find a home that I would love, yet I never pictured this. This tells me that the law of attraction goes to work from levels of our consciousness that we are not totally in touch with. I can see how this has played out in my own experience.

When I first went outside to study this morning I brought a twinge of guilt with me. A little voice was telling me that I should feel guilty about the fact that I was out enjoying the sunshine while so many people were inside, spending their days at jobs they don’t really care about. That was my ego voice talking. I knew I didn’t really believe that. Just looking at where I live showed me an illustration of what my real beliefs are. They are those thoughts that I entertain in the privacy of my inner being. It’s exactly these ideas and speculations that I have about my life that justify everything that is now my reality. I may not even be ready to share all those thoughts with those I am closest to, yet it seems pretty clear that they are those from which my experiences manifest. It’s the truths that my heart dares to speak and not the fearful voice that wants me to live small.

Aha. It seems that your heart has a say in the law of attraction…that is, if you give it a voice with a dose of authority.

Thanks for visiting. May you experience the law of attraction working in your favor every day.

Susan Hanshaw
Inspired by A Course in Miracles

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