remembering the light 

“If you give no power to the fog to obscure light, it has none.”
A Course in Miracles

I woke up this morning and could see a bank of fog hanging over the distant horizon from my bedroom window.  We’d just come off four days of unseasonably warm temperatures in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I took the fog as a promise for a cooler day ahead.  And while I hadn’t fared tremendously well in the mid-90’s heat we experienced a couple of days ago, there’s something about the bright light of early morning sun that makes me feel most blissfully alive.

The fog burned off by 10 am to make way for a clear blue sky to grace a warm sunny day.  I’ve had the luxury to be able to enjoy a bit of the outside air so I am well aware of what a beautiful day it has turned out to be.  I recognize the subtle difference in my psyche, though, when I compare my mood to yesterday when the warm light of the morning sun chased me out of bed.  I couldn’t help but pick up some of its brightness as it stared me in the face.

I can now see how I gave much power to the fog this morning.  I let it dampen my spirit along with  my expectations for the kind of day it would be.  Yet I look out my window now to the picture perfect day and remember the view as I watched the fog move on out this morning.  It was as if there was a blanket that was being lifted to reveal the sunlight that was permanently in place.  I will try to hold on to that vision of the fog lifting to remind me of the light that constantly surrounds me and that it is my choice to see it that way even if the exterior scene doesn’t support the non-physical picture.

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