10 tips for enjoying the ride


Imagine that your journey through life is like an adventure that you set out for in your car.  Here are some tips to prepare you to make the ride as enjoyable as possible:

  1. Keep your vehicle well maintained and in good shape.  Fill it with the recommended gas to keep it running smoothly.
  2. Take the appropriate precautions and then don’t dwell on worries that you will break down or run out of gas.
  3. Have some sense of where you are going.  Driving aimlessly wastes time and fuel.
  4. If you want to drive the fastest route, use a map to chart out your path.
  5. Expect that you will arrive safely at your desired destination.  Stay alert and keep your seat belt buckled just in case.
  6. Don’t give more than an acknowledging look at the road kill you encounter along the way.
  7. Seize the opportunity to listen to your favorite music.  When a song comes on that you don’t like, exercise your choice to change the music.
  8. Appreciate the scenery in the moment.  It loses its impact in the rear view mirror.
  9. Treat other drivers with loving patience.  Assume that they’re just driving the best they can regardless of what it looks like to you.  Forgive their mistakes.
  10. Remember that you control the vehicle.  It doesn’t control you.  Neither does the road, your passengers, the other drivers, not even the cops.  Exercise the power you have to go wherever you want.

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