the mind of a lover

www.sanctuaryforchange.comI was doing my thing on the treadmill at the gym this afternoon while four huge flat screen TVs peered back at me. Two were tuned into CNN and the other two, ESPN. I rationalize my mid-day gym visits as brainstorming sessions for my next writing project, so I was well in the mode to use the time to go within. Yet I happened to look up to the CNN screen to something that caught my attention. It was a header screen which read, “Virginia Tech Massacre: The Mind of a Killer”. Whoa, I thought, as I witnessed this plea to sensationalism. If voyeurism sells to one extreme, why can’t it work for the other? Can we learn to find the mind of a lover just as provocative?

What do I mean by a lover in this context? Someone who shares compassion and love to their fellow human beings. Someone who views the heart of their earthly brothers and sisters as sensitively as they do their own. Someone whose eyes look deeply into the eyes of a stranger, acknowledging their human connection for no other reason than to just share that connection. Someone who takes great joy out of this kind of anonymous touch. After all, isn’t this the behavior that our world desperately needs? Isn’t this the model worth our voyeurism?

It’s been said that we teach what we value. By focusing on killer behavior, we feed it. Yet if we determine that love is what we value, we need to begin to show that we value that behavior. We need to honor what it means to be compassionate. We need to celebrate the act of brotherly love.

I don’t know who you are as you are reading this. Yet if you showed up in my physical space I’d want to hug you and acknowledge our connection in this world. I’ve set the tone for that to happen just by mentioning it. So what if we all set the intention to spread love and human compassion? Like John Lennon said, “Maybe I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us and the world will live as one.”

2 thoughts on “the mind of a lover

  1. I really enjoyed this post it helped me understand and feel comfortable with myself a little bit more. See Susan I have been told by many people that I love too much too soon and I am also criticized because I over look what people would call bad qualities in people and see their true nature which is goodness “pure love,” I believe it is in everyone. We just choose not to see it. People say that these qualities of mine will be my down fall and I tell them it is a gift, a blessing from the Creator that I can see such beauty. It is a blessing to be able to feel others (Empath); even though it at times takes a toll on me emotionally I still believe it is a blessing. I like who I am, I like the fact that I am so sensitive and emotional, I love who I am and will love who I am tomorrow until I decide that these experiences are no longer a representation of who I wish to be.

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