inheriting the power of creation

“You are a miracle, capable of creating in the likeness of your Creator.” — A Course in Miracles

Might this one statement sound so grandiose that it comes across as unbelievable? What does it mean that we are capable of creating in the likeness of our Creator? And where might that capability come from? With such a collective consciousness fired up on the law of attraction these days, it seems only right to explore this idea from a place of depth. We might even ask ourselves if perhaps the law and the quote from A Course in Miracles might be linked.

For the benefit of those not familiar with it, A Course in Miracles is a non-denominational spiritual curriculum that was scribed in the early 1970’s by clinical and research psychologist and tenured Associate Professor of Medical Psychology Dr. Helen Schucman and aided by her department head, Dr. William Thetford. Dr. Schucman described the writing process as an inner dictation that came from Jesus. ACIM has been translated in seventeen languages and has sold over 1.5 million copies. Nearly 2,000 study groups exist worldwide.

The Course teaches that God (or whatever word you are comfortable with) is the creative source behind all of life and that we are all connected in spirit through this creative energy. Our bodies are simply vessels that our spirits use to do our work here on earth. As extensions of this creative energy, we have all inherited its power to create. Our mind is the channel that directs this energy. When we focus on our spiritual connection and let go of the physical limitations of body, we can more easily grasp how we are extensions of the divine creative energy. If we believe in the power of the law of attraction, might it make sense that this power exists because of our connection to divine creative energy?

There are amazing benefits to be found when we understand the implication of this connection. Being connected to the source of life means that we have access to everything that exists without limitations. This access takes place in our minds as demonstrated in The Secret. Even more importantly is the idea that we are a connected family of man, each given a unique role to play. We can find clues to this purpose by looking closely at the unique gifts we were born with. We can ask ourselves what the divine intention was when we were created.

So how does this all tie back to the statement about our ability to create in the likeness of our Creator? We tend to think of ourselves like free agents with minds of our own operating in our own little worlds. Yet we did not create ourselves so our ability to create has been inherited. And because Mom and Dad did not create themselves either, all of creation ultimately gets linked back to our original Creator. The law of attraction is an example of a power we humans have not created, yet one which has been passed on to us. By using this power, we are creating in the likeness of our Creator.

5 thoughts on “inheriting the power of creation

  1. Susan,

    What does it mean to “create in the likeness of our creator” ? My first thought to that question is that when we procreate and give birth that is the highest form of creation in the likeness of our creator.

    Could you guide me to understand how to unleash the power of this connection? If I believe does that mean there are no steps to be taken in order to benefit through my ability to connect?

    What is the best “state of mind” for me to be set in in order to reach my ultimate goal of becoming powerful through my connections to the higher power?


  2. hello I read alot about abundance de law of attraction, wealth creation, energy etc…could you tell more about your personal experience and achievements?

    thanks Ismo

  3. Oscar,

    You ask some great questions. To “create in the likeness of our creator” implies that we have similar powers of creation as the energy source from which we were created. Certainly we can consider procreation as a highest form, yet in its context in A Course in Miracles, the statement recognizes the role of our minds in the creative process. This is exactly the message we’ve been celebrating in our excitement over the movie, “The Secret”.

    Unleashing the power of your mind first requires a belief in your own power yet the work does not stop there. Stay aligned to your goals through a visual and mental focus on their manifestation while taking the practical steps necessary to prepare for your success. It’s a process of both inner and outer focus and preparation.

    The best state of mind for a strong connection to higher power is an awareness that this connection always exists. Remember that you are not the power; the power is within you. By paying attention to your inner voice you can get in tune with what this power wants to express through you. And by surrendering to this will and trusting that everything you need for its manifestation is available to you, you surrender to your power.

    Warmest wishes,

  4. Ismo,

    My personal experience with these principles began twelve years ago when my husband left me abruptly for another woman. My devesatation left me in so much pain that I didn’t know how I would make it through the early days. I sought support at my local bookstore, where I discovered the metaphysical teachings of Emmet Fox and others. I found much peace in the understanding that my experience of life is a reflection of my thoughts and beliefs. That set me down the path of wanting to teach these principles to others.

    I have since earned the credential of ordained ministerial counselor through a spiritual college called Pathways of Light in Kiel, Wisconsin, whose curriculum is based on A Course in Miracles. I’m the author of Unleashing Your Soul: Finding the Courage to Follow Your Heart and founder of Sanctuary for Change, a business which provides inspirational coaching and training.

    Best wishes,

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