when the train falls off the track


It took my customer service experience from hell today to realize just how far I’d derailed myself off my path of positive life creation recently. It started with a call from the credit and collections office of the telecommunications company I consolidated all my services with last year. The nice woman called to advise me that my account was past due and my service would be discontinued if not paid by Friday. I received a past due notice from them last week which had sent me checking my payment history. My online banking statement reflected that the payment was taken from my account two weeks ago. I remember now how odd I thought that it would take so long for the funds to find their way to the accounts receivable department, yet I shrugged it off assuming that it was one of those checks crossed in the mail situations. Wrong!

One customer service agent later, I discovered that I had mistakenly sent electronic payment to the old long distance account I’d had with this carrier that has since merged with two other companies. I still haven’t figured out who acquired who, yet in my mind they should at least have the ability to talk to one another to settle their customer service problems. Wrong!

I found resolution when my second agent in India joined forces with my fifth in the U.S. It was music to my ears when these two women chimed that my problem was corrected and that I needn’t do anything else. This was an hour and a half after the initial collections call.

As someone who believes that all of life events have meaning, I have been thinking since then what this situation was meant to teach me. Clearly there is the lesson that I need to be more careful about how I enter payment dollars in my online banking program. Hopefully I won’t repeat that mistake. Yet my sense was that there is a greater lesson for me. In this awareness, I was struck with how far off track I’ve enabled myself to go in a short period of time.

Two weeks ago I was a guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio program Career Talk. I was feeling high with a sense of promise and belief in myself. Since then I have allowed myself to focus on things that are not happening fast enough in my business or to the degree that I want to see them. So I have derailed myself by my own thinking. Looking at how I responded to the frustrations of my day today helped me to understand where and how I’ve come off center. I momentarily lost touch with the fact that the creative love that connects us all also flows through me. I can tap into its power if I choose to. It is my choice to practice this power to put it to work for my life or I can choose to wallow in my own disappointments. It’s not my nature to wallow, which I think was behind the purpose of my experience today. I now feel strongly directed to get back on course with vision and trust.

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