not taking life for granted 

I got together with a friend earlier this evening who was sharing about the best friend he lost to Esophageal cancer just three months ago.  The diagnosis was made in September and his friend bravely passed in November.  Wow. 

 As I took this in I got more clarity about the emotions that had come up for me while processing Anna Nicole Smith’s death.  I felt a shock.  While the media had led me to believe that she was dealing with emotional issues, the truth is that we all have issues that we deal with.   I assumed that she’d manage hers like I do mine and she’d live a ripe old age past me.

Her passing has reminded me that life can be taken away in an instant.  I think that intuitively we know this, yet intellectually we think little about it.  How would you spend your time if you really knew your days were limited?  How do you want to be remembered?

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